Anubias, shriveling and browning at the edges

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Hello all,
Just this week I set up my first planted aquarium for my betta fish. I purchased the Fluval Spec 3 (2.6 gallon) aquarium to house it all in. Inside the tank right now are 3 anubias and 2 Argentine swords that I purchased from Petco along with Malaysian driftwood that I got off of amazon. I will also be adding a few marimo balls later today. The tank is currently running at room temperature however the heater that I also ordered from amazon will be in today as well. (The betta is still in its previous home until I get his new home all settled for him). I am using totally new filter media that came with the tank, and the substrate is carib sea planted aquarium substrate.

I just set the whole thing up two days ago, all plants seemed in great shape and I trimmed any leaves that didn't look so good. I have the anubias attached to my Malaysian driftwood, one piece is physically attached and the other two I was able to find spots where they could rest on the wood without needing attachment.

2 of my anubias are beginning to shrivel and the edges are turning a brownish color with yellow spots throughout the leaves. I am also seeing a few brown Argentine sword leaves but the majority of those plants are fine. As I am very new to plant keeping in my aquariums (not so much fish keeping) I was curious if this could just be the plants getting used to their new environment or if there was something wrong in my setup of the tank. Pictures are included thanks for the help.



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With no fish in the tank there is no food for your plants.

Also most plants are grown in an emersed state. When this is the case they will lose their emersed leaves and regrow submurged leaves. Sometimes they even look different.

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