Anubias Rhizome Rot?

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    This is my first post, please be kind. ;)

    Ive had this anubias tied (small rubber bands) to the rock for almost a month now. It had a bit of a melt around the stem bases and edge of rhizome after introducing to the tank, then greened back up.upon planting, I noticed 2 leaves has a different texture, like a silver dust when placed in water.... 3-4 days ago i noticed this "bruised" looking spot, and it seems to be growing. Is it the dreaded rhizome rot?

    All other Anubias are doing very well, and my nana petite has been sprouting new leaves almost weekly (there are 2 new leaves this morning that werent there yesterday,) so im assuming the nutrients/light situation is up to par for a low tech tank.

    (Its a 10 gal, no co2, mature tank 3 yrs old, slightly overstocked. I added 1/4 dose aqueon plant food a couple of weeks ago, but have been nervous to add more since.)

    Pics are of the anubias in question, some silver "dusting" on one of its leaves, and the flourishing nana petite.

    Should I pull it out and hope the rest are safe? Leave it and wait?
    Thanks in advance for any help! 20180414_115611.jpg20180414_115633.jpg20180414_115712.jpg
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    Also, I should mention the rhizome was really pale when I planted it- almost white (I didnt expect it to survive at all initially).