10 Gallon Tank Anubias Nana


Just bought it and it looks kinda messed up and it even looks like the rhizome might be cut off. Im new to plants so I dont know if the plant looks good.


The rhizome is cut when it’s propagated. When you grow it in your tank you can cut the rhizome when it gets long and attach the cutting somewhere else and it will start growing. It looks very healthy to me

Also this is Anubias and has a rhizome so you shouldn’t put the plant in the substrate. Instead, attach it to rock or wood using fishing line, rubber band, or sewing threat until it roots into the rock or wood. Placing the plant’s rhizome under substrate will cause it to rot.


The plant itself looks okay. Every anubia you buy was probably propagated at some point. I agree with jpaquatics, and I also think you can attach it to decor, but another method I've found successful is putting the plant in gravel, and then pulling it almost out, but with the roots just in the substrate so that it will not float away. The roots will grow longer over time, and this will become easier to do, and it looks cool when the roots grow directly down, and creates a mangrove tree root kinda look.

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