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Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by Kimberly4403, Jul 30, 2015.

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    I replanted all my plants from my 40g into my 75g tank last sunday and dosed with flourish 1 cap full which was less then recommended but i thought plants would need an adjustment time as ive never used flourish or any other ferts in my low light setup. All my plants (hair grass, val, banana lillies, elodia etc) seem to love the extra nutrients except my anubias who i noticed today has started to melt... Is this just an adjustment period or something else..ill cut the melting leaves of on weekend during water change.. Should i continue to dose 1 cap after each water change or every second week?

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    Some plants are not a fan of change and uprooting them can cause the plant to go into another adjustment period. I would clip off any dead/melting leaves. Give the plant some time and you should, hopefully, see new growth before long.

    Dose the ferts according to the directions on the label is my best advice. I use Flourish Comprehensive, Excel, Iron, Potassium, in my tank for my Anubias with no issues yet these plants have been in place for a very long time, in my refugiums. It is rare that I have to give them any attention at all.

    One tip, do not put any of the fertilizers directly onto the plants. If you do, make sure the plant is still under water so that the ferts get diluted.

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  5. Kimberly4403Well Known MemberMember

    So ive started cutting off any dying melting leaves but have also noticed my anubias leaves are becoming wrinkled around the edges?

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