Anubias Keeps Melting On Driftwood

Kyle Holmes

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This all started maybe a month ago when I got a huge Anubias barteri, that I didn’t quite realize was almost too big for my tank. I ended up getting some driftwood to attach it to and I was hoping to get it to grow partially submerged. It worked for a while but after about a week I noticed a white fuzzy looking film over the stalks. When I pulled out the driftwood to try to clean the plant, the rhizome was complete mush and the leaves all fell off as soon as it was out of the water.

This same driftwood also has two small nanas attached and they are above and below where the big barteri was. Those two are fine and they’ve been fine pretty much this whole time. But every new plant I attach where the first plant was always melts. First it was another nana, then after that one melted I tried a smaller barteri and I just ended up tossing it this morning. It’s always the same, the rhizome just turns to complete mush.

I’m attaching it using basic superglue to Malaysian driftwood and I attach it by gluing the rhizome down to the surface and tucking the roots into the crevices.

So now I have two sparse nanas on this driftwood and between them it jusy covered in glue spots. It looks so ugly but I don’t want to attach any of my healthy plants there cuz that spot seems to kill everything.

Could the driftwood have something on its surface that’s causing my plants to die? Can driftwood have a sort of “dead spot”? Is that crazy? It just seems so bizarre that the two other plants on that same piece are totally fine, rhizomes are nice and firm.


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I think that you may of gone a bit overboard with the glue.... anubias - infact all plants I can think of - dont appreciate glue, all you need is a small dab to hold it in place!

Maybe consider tying it on with rubberbands or similar?
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