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  1. We5

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    IMG_0480.JPG Hey everyone!
    New to this forum, finally joined after reading so much useful information. So I've been trying to keep my Anubias plants going in my African cichlids tank. I've bought some supplements from my local fish shop but nothing seems to be changing. Any suggestions?
  2. andychrissytank

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    welcome to fishlore :]
    what temperature is the tank and how much light does it get as well as parameters
    what kind of fertilizer and co2 do you have (if any)
    and are you using root tabs
    is the place you got them from clean and reputable

    it's melting which can be caused from a variety of reasons such as water quality, transport, chlorine bath (like rinsing them off in tap water), high light, and unfortunately bad stock from a lfs :[
  3. OP

    We5Valued MemberMember

    My temp pretty much hangs around 82 F. The tank is near a window with the blinds partially open, so I turn the LEDs off while I'm at work. So they get light from around 5 PM to 10 PM, well LED light anyway.
    I purchased Seachems Flouish, Flourish Excel and Flourish Iron. I haven't added the Flouridh Iron yet, should I??

    I do have aeration in the tank as well. Not sure if that impacts the c02 significantly.

    I do not have root tabs, is this something I should invest in as well? Sorry if I'm too ignorant.

    The place I've bought from seems to be a very good store so far. I've got all my fish from them with no issues. I'm wanting to start a SW tank soon, but I can't even keep FW plants going :(

    I have not rinsed them in tap water at all. I didn't want the chlorine to hurt them.

    My water test results seem fine. PH at 8.2, no chlorine or nitrites, very low nitrates.
  4. andychrissytank

    andychrissytankValued MemberMember

    Yeah you might as well use the iron because it will help with chlorophyll growth
    I recommend the root tabs if your tank doesn't have any special fertilizer substrate like soil or something and it will promote growth
    the low nitrates means the plant is doing its job lol
    do you have any filter media that neutralizes ammonia (which is the plant food) or any chemicals (which would be found in all those fancy bottles)
    that (sort of) direct sunlight is something to look into especially if you notice increased evaporation
  5. OP

    We5Valued MemberMember

    I don't have any other filtration besides my 75 gallon hang on.

    I'll look into getting the tabs, thanks for the advice. Are the fancy bottles I bought not necessary? I just wanted to do anything for my plants since they benefit the tank so much.
  6. andychrissytank

    andychrissytankValued MemberMember

    They are totally necessary and you brought some really great ones too :]
    this could all be a simple problem like your lfs's water has a different ph or nitrates than yours does and they went into a kind of shock
    plants can be finicky that way
  7. OP

    We5Valued MemberMember

    So should I just keep with the supplements and add the root tabs? I plan on getting some tomorrow.
  8. -Mak-

    -Mak-Fishlore VIPMember

    Is the anubias actually rooted? If not the root tabs won't do much.

    Low nitrates also leads to deficiency, just saying. Not that this is definitely the case for you, but it does look like nitrogen deficiency to me. Seachem ferts are very low in nitrogen and other macros.

    What LEDs are you using?
    What substrate?
    Can you give us a picture of the entire plant?
  9. Jocelyn Adelman

    Jocelyn AdelmanFishlore VIPMember

    Anubias don't need much to grow, decent lighting and occasional ferts. I would actually say it's like flourish was meant for them. I would hold of on the iron for now, the amount in flourish is likely fine. However, I agree w mak in that it looks like nitrogen...
    If you have other plants the root tabs are for them, anubias shouldn't be planted so root tabs in the substrate won't help.
    How do you have it in you tank? Mounted to wood/rock? Floating? Planted?
    The rhizome has to be above the substrate or it will rot.
    Agreed a picture of the whole plant will help, as well as one of the whole tank.
    What exactly is your nitrate number? How long have you had the plant? What led are you using? How often do you dose flourish? Are you dosing excel? How often? (Again, if you don't have other plants in there excel might not be necessary)
  10. smee82

    smee82Fishlore VIPMember

    Anubias dont need root tabs they get their nutrients directly from the.water column and should not be.burried in the.substrate or they will rot and die.

    Ive never used the feets your using but i would guess theres a problem with your dosing somewhere. Either too much and or too little of something. The other caise could be.that ot was grow emersed and the old leaves are dying as it grows new submerged leaves
  11. OP

    We5Valued MemberMember

    The LEDs I have came with my aquarium set up. I'll look at the specs when I get home after work. I'll definitely show a picture of the entire plant.....from reading your post and the posts below it sounds like I may have set myself for failure. I have these plants planted into my pea gravel. Should I have them set up differently? I could try to attach them between my rocks I suppose.

    Thanks everyone for helping!

    Thanks for the reply Jocelyn!

    I have them planted directly into the pea gravel....sounds like I shouldn't have done that.

    I have another plant but it's basically been a snack for my cichlids, not concerned with them so I'll stay away from the root tabs/iron for now.

    I'll get you the pictures today, I have a few but they are not updated.

    My nitrate has been between the 0 ppm and the 5 ppm color scale. Not quite zero but not exactly 5 ppm either, I'll get an updated level along with the pictures.

    My tank has only been planted about a month. Tank has only been set up for two months.

    My LEDs came with my setup, nothing special. My set up is simple, just a Top Fin 55 gallon set up. Should I get additional lighting? I'm just concerned with algae growth. Had it try and creep up on me a couple weeks ago, I was keeping my lights on a lot.

    I add Flourish after I clean the tank along with my ten percent water change every week....sometimes twice because I like my tank clean.

    I've only dosed the excel twice, wasn't exactly sure if it was necessary.

    How do you mount your plants? I'd like it to be aesthetically pleasing if possible, but the health of my fish is the most important thing so whatever it takes.
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  12. leftswerve

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    I would bet it's getting too much light and ferts. Or as already mentioned, old growth death.
  13. -Mak-

    -Mak-Fishlore VIPMember

    I doubt it's getting too much light if the LEDs are ones that came with the tank...

    Anubias plants have a rhizome, somewhat like a horizontal stem that the plant grows out of. This should be tied, glued, or wedged into something above the substrate. Eventually it may also grow roots, which are fine under the substrate.

    How long do you have your lights on?

    Excel is a CO2 substitute, but doesn't work as well as actual CO2. It is perfectly adequate for low tech setups, but must be dosed everyday for full effect because it breaks down in 24 hours.
  14. OP

    We5Valued MemberMember

    The LED lights are on between 4-5 hrs. The tank is next to a window, but the blinds don't let much light in.

    Does my aerator help with co2? Id there another solution to getting extra co2 besides the additive I've bought?

    So are basically I tried to cover the anubias roots with my gravel, is that okay as long as I've not covered the rhizome?
  15. Jocelyn Adelman

    Jocelyn AdelmanFishlore VIPMember

    So, I would stop dosing the excel, you don't need it for the anubias. Also, just reiterating you don't need the iron or root tabs either.

    Stock leds aren't meant for plant growth, however an anubias might be able to do ok... the biggest problem is that it's a 55, so that by the time the lights reach the bottom there's not enough PAR for the plant. Not sure I would buy a light for a single plant though.
    Here's what I would do.
    Buy some seachem nitrogen and phosphorus, dose nitrogen and a half dose of phosphorus day after water change, dose flourish day 3. (1-wc, no ferts, 2-NP, 3- flourish, skip rest of days.
    Also if possible I would tie some fishing line around the anubias rhizome and "hang" it from you middle support brace, closer to the lighting. (Unless you have some driftwood or other decor that's up at least half way to the top of tank).
    By doing this you will start correction the nitrogen issues (ideally have 10ppm nitrates), the phosphates (the gas- green spot algae on the leaves is usually due to low phosphates), and some lighting issues. Again, the stock light is not really the light that you want for plant growth, but buying an entire fixture for one plant is silly.
    You may need to add potassium as well, but I would at least start with those two.
    Monitor the plant for about two weeks and see if that helps. The badly damaged leaves can be removed now.
  16. -Mak-

    -Mak-Fishlore VIPMember

    Not really, any surface agitation will drive CO2 out of the water.
    You can do DIY CO2, which may be hard in a 55 gallon, or you can use a CO2 system with pressurized CO2. Neither are necessary for your tank.
  17. OP

    We5Valued MemberMember

    The colors on these tests mess with my eyes.

    Thanks for all of the advice everybody! So since I have a couple plants, should I invest in another light??

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