Anubias for Marineland 5 gal Portrait?


I am not familiar with all the different types of Anubias. I was looking on Modern Aquarium and they had so many species that I was not familiar with. I have a Marineland 5 gal Portrait coming in this week and for the time being, I may be keeping the small LED light that comes with it and from what I gather. people have had luck with Anubias and the stock LED. Tank is about 18 inches tall I think, so what would be a good Anubias that will give some height? I have rotalas, swords, crypts and bocopa in my other tank that I could take trimmings or transplant a few, but again, I have heard that with the stock light, people have had issues with them in tank. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The only anubias I had, I had to dispose of months ago - it was small and did well but got covered when I got into a fight with green spot algae. It was more of a foreground - looking for a mid to background size. Thanks again.


I suppose it depends where you put it in the tank. Do you have wood or a rock to attach it to ?

In a 5G I’d be tempted to recommend the smaller nana pangolino or chilli variety, but a broader leafed petite variety should work. Can you post a picture of your tank when you get it and the space you want it to go so we can see what space you have to work with ? They are low light, slow growers so you shouldn’t have an issue with the stock light.


These are some stock promotional shots of the tank. 5.5 gallon (but with the filter cover thing in the back) so probably about 4.5 gallon. Listed dimensions are 11.81 deep x 11.62 wide x 17.05 inches high. All reviews say the light is the downfall - but for now, will be using stock clip on LED that come with it. I actually ordered two (30% off if you order 2 plus free shipping) - so it works out to be $50 each delivered to the door. Anyway, yes, there will be rocks and wood when aquascaped to glue to - my old anubias was glued to a rock. I have not started with ANY of the aquascape yet - but plan on natural aquascaping in both. Plant would probably be mid ground - background. I have a couple of Vals that I need to thin out of my present 36 gallon and could move over and a couple of mini sags that could be moved over as well I guess. Maybe put a bacopa carolinianus or two or rotalla indica from my other tank (or a couple of crypts) - but most reviews have not had luck with much and the stock light. What about something like an Anubias Congensis or are they too tall for midground?

The last two pictures are some snapshots from the youtube review by Toby Creates of the Marineland - kind of shows the size. NOTE - These are not shots of my tank - they wont arrive until later this week. I kind of like the approach he took to his aquascape but then again he had more options on plants since he changed his stock LED to a plant clip on from Lumhie. In fact, speaking of the youtube Toby Creates - the young lad has over 22 tanks and does a great job showing stuff for a lad his age - for anyone who hasnt seen any of his stuff - just google Toby Creates Youtube. Anywho...........

NOTE - Sorry, pictures got deleted since they were not my own and may be copyrighted. My bad and deepest apologies - but the dimensions should be correct.

I may have to switch out lights in future - just trying to get the tanks and heaters in first and get them set up. Then, the fun of rock hunting and wood finding begins! :) One option would be to put my Fluval Aquasky 18 watt across the top of both tanks. I have an extra on my 36 gallon but it's too long for a single and would have to go across both side by side. It's an idea I guess - just wanted to start out and see how the look is with stock LED and try and see what I could grow with it.

The stocking will just be one male betta in each. That is actually why I ordered the tanks is this is a fish rescue mission. I went to a LFS and man, I was appalled at how the bettas were kept. I know they are kept in fish stores like that in cups (I usually just walk real fast by them). But I was stuck waiting for something and when I started looking closely at them, I think one was dead in the cup, a couple were missing scales and a few seemed fairly healthy - so I am going to rescue two next week or so and try and give two of them a chance for a decent, quality of life.




I like the idea of putting the one light above them both , side by side and doing a light tank and a dark tank !!! Dark substrate vs light substrate etc. it’s your set up though so whatever you choose ! You could put a background on the side so they don’t see and flare at each other if you chose too.

You could do a rock scape in one and a wood scape in another. Or stem plants in one and epiphytes in another.

you can always trim the larger leaves on an Anubias if they get too large but for such a slow growing plant it seems counter productive so I’d stick the smallest of variety’s. Or minimal other plants and a medium variety attached half way up the tank. That way the leaves are near the surface so the Betta’s can rest on them like a betta hammock.


Wow, I like those suggestions!!!!! Thanks! Yes, I was planning on a divider between the two with them side by side and pulling divider out for 15-20 mins a day to let them get some stimulation and flare at each other if they want and then put divider back in. Those are great ideas now that I think of it. I had thought of doing them kind of as mirror images of each other with them about the same (a continuation from one to the other) - but I really like that idea of having them different. Opens up a lot more options. Come to think of it, as I type, ....the Aquasky would allow me to adjust light intensity as well as color spectrum so it would offer me more options for plants where the stock light is just on-night (blue - that I never use) and off with no adjustment.

I just went and measured and the Aquasky is 26-36" or so, so if I leave 3 inches or so between tanks, it should allow me to use the risers I already have on it and put it across both tanks and lift the light 3" off the glass covers. I will have to see, but I think the glass cover goes all the across top so I may have to move the light off when I work on tanks, but I will be doing WC etc on both at the same time anyway. When tanks come in I can see how cover can open for feeding, etc., but that would open a whole world of plant options for me - it is an Fluval Aquasky 18 watt LED.

Blackwsheep1, I sure appreciate the help. I was asking about Anubias - but if I use the light across both, it will take away the super low light stock LED plant options...hmmmm.....this has taken on a whole new turn. Thanks again!!!!!! I always love the help I get on this forum and now I get to think of new aquascapes. I really like the idea of changing them up from one to the other. If I do leave a gap i dont have to worry about continuity between the two as far as scapes, then it wont be just an abrupt change - there will be a small gap between changes in the two tanks. I like the idea - THANKS AGAIN!!!!! Greatly appreciated.


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