Anubias coffeefolia


Common Name: Coffeefolia, Anubias coffeefolia
Latin Name: Anubias barterI var. Coffeefolia
Family Name: Araceae

Plant Form: Rhizome
Sold as: Bareroot, potted or rooted on driftwood

Placement: Midground or Foreground
Max Size: 16 inches
Plant Location: Tied to driftwood, porous rock or terra cotta
Flowers: White calla lily shaped
Propagation: Rhizome clippings or leaf cuttings
Growth Rate: Extremely Slow

True Aquatic: Yes

pH: Any
Supplements: Iron, Trace Elements
Lighting: Any

Care Level: Easy
Good for Beginners: Yes

A unique anubias known as a decorative plant form as the leaves are heavily ridged. This plant gets its name from the fact that the new leaves begin as a light coffee brown; and turn dark green with age and resemble a coffee bean. And will develop an extensive root system over time. When I purchased this plant the roots were more than a foot long!

In a high tech tank, this plant will produce a new leaf every 10-14 days like clock work. When the iron levels drop, then there is no new growth. On the other hand, in low light consider yourself lucky to get a single new leaf once every month or two.

As with any slow growing plant, they are prone to algae. Although I have yet to see any algae on this plant. Anubias nana is a different story.

Anubias plants are very tough and can withstand the abuse from cichlids and goldfish. Is rarely eaten by the most destructive herbivores.


There seem to be two strains of this plant.
Over the years I have had and heard stories of a tough as nails, use it as a hammer plants and a, it dies if you look at it plant.

I have had both here. It seems to me, the darker the leaves are when originally purchased, the less trouble I had with the plant.

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