Anubias coffeefolia

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    Common Name: Coffeefolia, Anubias coffeefolia
    Latin Name: Anubias barteri var. Coffeefolia
    Family Name: Araceae

    Plant Form: Rhizome
    Sold as: Bareroot, potted or rooted on driftwood

    Placement: Midground or Foreground
    Max Size: 16 inches
    Plant Location: Tied to driftwood, porous rock or terra cotta
    Flowers: White calla lily shaped
    Propagation: Rhizome clippings or leaf cuttings
    Growth Rate: Extremely Slow

    True Aquatic: Yes

    pH: Any
    Supplements: Iron, Trace Elements
    Lighting: Any

    Care Level: Easy
    Good for Beginners: Yes

    A unique anubias known as a decorative plant form as the leaves are heavily ridged. This plant gets its name from the fact that the new leaves begin as a light coffee brown; and turn dark green with age and resemble a coffee bean. And will develop an extensive root system over time. When I purchased this plant the roots were more than a foot long!

    In a high tech tank, this plant will produce a new leaf every 10-14 days like clock work. When the iron levels drop, then there is no new growth. On the other hand, in low light consider yourself lucky to get a single new leaf once every month or two.

    As with any slow growing plant, they are prone to algae. Although I have yet to see any algae on this plant. Anubias nana is a different story.

    Anubias plants are very tough and can withstand the abuse from cichlids and goldfish. Is rarely eaten by the most destructive herbivores.

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