anubias afezlii

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Common Name:
Latin Name:
Anubias afzelii
Family : Araceae

Plant Form: rosette
Sold as: sold in little pots, and sometimes even bare rooted

Placement: mid-backround
Plant Location: slightly dug into substrate in the middle of the tank along with more o this plant or similar looking plants along side of it
Growth Rate: slow to moderate, because of this growth rate it should be placed in a part of the tank with slight movement as it can be prone to algae

True Aquatic: yes

pH: 6.0-8.2
Supplements: it Appreciates a good fertilizer and large amounts of Co2
Lighting: low-high

Care Level: somewhat easy
Good for Beginners: yes

anubias afzeliI is a very tolerant plant with very few requirements, it can even be grown in very low light with no supplements at all, but this plant grows very slow so don't expect it to spread like a wildfire as some plants do in high light. due to the slow growth of this plant it has been known to obtain different kinds of algae, so I would recommend at you don't place this in direct high light or that you place it in a place in the tank with a slight current.
this species of anubias has a very attractive look with a beautiful shade of green, long slender, graceful leaves, and and broad leaves that some fish will love to stop and take a rest on.
this plant really likes sand substrate, or small pebbles as with gravel it has very limited root movement in gravel.
Due to the fact that this plant isn't very easily obtained it has been overloocked by many hobbyists, I would recommend, that if you can. that you should see and check if you can order this plant offline as you won't regret it. this plant is very attractive, and will help with water conditions, it is also one of the best plants ive ever owned
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