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Antisocial platy?

Discussion in 'Platy' started by babygirl303, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. babygirl303 New Member Member

    I brought a male platy and two females a week ago, i made sure to get 2 because i read that the male would chase or harrass the females to death if there werent enough, the weird thing is, the male platy hasn't shown any interest what so ever in either of the females. They seem to chase him more. I thought he might be sick cos for the first few days he was just sitting on the bottom of the tank not moving, and i thought he would die, but hes come right mostly, except that his top fin lies flat against his body most of the time. It came up again when i fed them today, but its lying flat again now.

  2. GoGreen Well Known Member Member

    Welcome to Fish Lore!
    I used to have swordtails(they are also livebearers, like the platy) and when I first got them they behaved in a similar fashion. I bought a male and a female, he would hide constantly and when he would come out (only for food) she would chase him. He was just being shy and getting used to his surroundings, because eventually he chased her relentlessly, I actually had to rehome him, he was far too aggressive. Also I have learned since then that you need at least 3 females to every male so that no one is harassed too much. About the top fin...I am afraid I am not sure about that, all the platies I have are female, maybe it is a common characteristic on some males?

    Are these your first fish? Is your tank cycled? You just would also like to rule out any water issues, as well. Do you know the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels of your tank?
    oops, sorry just looked at your tank info, I am going to assume that the tank is cycled then. Do you therefore have a test kit to check out those parameters?

  3. babygirl303 New Member Member

    yes my tank is cycled, and they're nearly my first fish, i got two juvenille swordtails a few weeks before i got the platys.
    i read up about cycling and stuff but i didnt know that i would need a test kit, turns out one that tests all the levels will cost more than my whole tank set up put together, i'll have to get one soon, but i cant afford it right now, so for now im just gunna make sure to do regular water changes

  4. GoGreen Well Known Member Member

    Yes, unfortunately those test kits aren't cheap, but worth it in the long run...
    What do you use to condition your water for your water changes?
  5. babygirl303 New Member Member

  6. GoGreen Well Known Member Member

    Are you able to get your hands on some Prime? It is the best conditioner you can get, it makes the ammonia safe for 24hrs for your fish, but still available for the bacteria. This is especially important in new set ups where the bacteria are still establishing. I believe Amquel+ is a similar product, you could run it through the search on this site to find out about it.
    I do not, unfortunately, know much about stress-zyme, perhaps someone else will chime in who has used it before. Does it claim to cycle the tank? If so I am wondering if it has the correct bacteria in it.

    How are the fish behaving today?
  7. babygirl303 New Member Member

    when i cycled my tank i put bio cultures in it too. im not sure new zealand pet shops stock the same product as canada and america. Usually i use sera water conditioner and sera bio cultures. But i got too small a bottle of the water conditioner and borrowed some of the stress zyme of a friend for the water changes. stress zyme and stress cote are one of the most popular ones to use here, being a little cheaper, but the pet shop said that sera was better (although i dont think sera has a stress coat in theirs). There isn't alot of information on the bottle that i can tell you, because unfortunatly most of it is written in german, apart from the intructions for use.
  8. babygirl303 New Member Member

    oh, and the fish seem fine today. the male platys top fin is still down apart from feedings, but other than that he seems rather happy. Hes still not chasing the females, but hes not hiding from them anymore either. Hes been swimming around with them a little bit too.
  9. GoGreen Well Known Member Member

    It's challenging when living in different countries means the availability of some products and not others. One would hope to assume that what you are using is equivalent to to top end products we have available here.

    By your description of how your fish are today, perhaps it just as I suggested and he was being shy and getting used to the environment. Fish are crazy that way, I am discovering! Just when they have a certain behaviour that you are used to observing, they mix it up and do something odd or different. I would just keep an eye on it, keep on top of your water changes, and if you can maybe take some water samples to your LFS, ours here will test water for free, perhaps yours will also? Just until you can get a good test kit.