antibiotic food

  1. goldenrod1967 Initiate Member

    I'm starting a new course of Maracyn/Maracyn 2 for fin and tail rot for my young albino oscar- I thought it was getting better, but now seems to be getting worse :(....does anyone know if antibiotic food would be a supplemental treatment for this condition? Also, the maracyn directions say to maintain normal filtration- can I keep my carbon going? So many questions- just want to do the right thing for the little guy!
  2. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    I don't see a problem with the antibiotic food. Might be worth a try since he is still eating. You definately need to remove the carbon if you haven't already. Carbon will absorb all the meds out of your tank.
  3. Jon Well Known Member Member

    yes it will but i have heard that carbon only works for the first 24 hours its in your tank... i wouldnt risk it but try checkin this out
  4. goldenrod1967 Initiate Member

    Thanks guys,
    I'll remove the carbon right away and try the antibiotic food....yes-he still eats very well! My latest problem is how cloudy the quarantine tank is-but I don't want to do a water change mid-treatment do I? I appreciate your input!! ;)
  5. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    The cloudiness is normal when using this medication. Just ride it out until you have treated according to the directions. ;)