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  1. deeps21

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    Hi All, My 3ft tank is fully cycled since last 2 months and current readings are 0,0,10. Ph is 7.8. Current stock is -

    3 Platy
    2 Dwarf Gouramis
    3 Angel (roughly 4 months old)
    4 boesemani rainbows (may be 3-4 months old)

    I'm thinking to add following -

    5 Cardinal tetra (3 cm)
    1 Bolivian Butterfly (5cm)
    2 Clown Loaches (5 cm).

    I just want to know will this addition be suitable with my current stock? I don't want any fighting in the tank. I'm not sure whether angels and cardinal tetra can live happily together.

  2. potatos

    potatosValued MemberMember

    Angles will eat neons, so i dont think cardinals will work. is this a 40gal? clown loaches get too big for your aquarium. my german blue ram did not tolerate small angles or dwarf gourmais, but i dont know about butterflys.
  3. OP

    deeps21Valued MemberMember

    Thanks for the reply.. Yes it is 40G tank (150L).

    Plz suggest me some suitable fish for my tank... I really want to add some good looking fish in my tank ;)
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  4. Nutter

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    I would say that you are fully stocked & shouldn't add anything. Angels get pretty big & will want all of that space. The bosemani are very active & get to a decent size to. Don't be surprised if they stress out your Angels with all of thier activity.

    If you add more fish despite the fact that you are overstocked please don't get Clown Loaches. They may look pretty but they get really big (25cm) & like to be kept in groups of at least 3. A minimum 75gal tank is needed to keep just 3 Clown Loaches on thier own.

    If I were you I would actually return the Bosemani as they are too active for the Angles to be really happy with. Trade them in for some Cardinal Tetras if you want those. Cardinals will be fine with your Angels so long as they are too big for the Angels to get in thier mouths. Cardinals get twice the size of Neons so once they have grown up abit predation won't be a problem. You could also look at different body shaped Tetras like Lemon Tetras or Bleeding Heart Tetras. Just research anything you want to put in there to make sure that they are not fin nippers.
  5. OP

    deeps21Valued MemberMember

    Thanks a lot Nutter for the gr8 advise.. I won't add Clown Loaches and Bolivian Butterfly.. I'll only consider cardinals or some other tetras if I decide to add anything then... Cheers
  6. trailblazer295

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    As long as the tetra is big enough not to be be eaten and not to large (ie congo tetra) then they will be fine but go with 6 of they are smaller like cardinals mostly because 6+ group makes them feel safer.

    EDIT keep an eye on the angels I've read that if 2 of them are males one will end up dead. But they can't be sexed until they are older.
  7. OP

    deeps21Valued MemberMember

    Thanks again.. Out of 3 angels, one is bit smaller and getting bullied by other two. Bigger two never fight each other and always stay together and chase/bully 3rd smaller but its not that bad as there is no physical harm yet.. Do u thing these bigger two are paired? Do I need to re-home this smaller angel?
  8. trailblazer295

    trailblazer295Well Known MemberMember

    It depends on age, do you know how old they are? At a certain point angels will pair off which could be what yours are doing. Also if they are still very young it could be a "crush" and fade away. I'd keep a close eye on the situation but it sounds as though your angels have formed a pair and in that case the other possibly another male won't be welcome and will need to be relocated.
  9. OP

    deeps21Valued MemberMember

    Thanks.. My Angels are roughly 4 months old (as per LFS)... Bigger ones have roughly 4cm body and smaller 3cm..
  10. trailblazer295

    trailblazer295Well Known MemberMember

    I think at the 2" body size mark they pair off so they are getting close so most likely the pair has formed. It's your call how long to keep them together but I'd start looking for a new home for the odd one.