Another Snail?

  1. Cherie G

    Cherie G Member Member

    In my 5 gallon tank I currently have 1 male betta and a nerite snail, would it be ok to add another nerite or 2? Some algae in the tank which the 1 nerite handles ok, but it's more about I just like snails, but don't want to add too much bioload since it is such a small aquarium. I do have algae wafers and supplement with veggies so they would not go hungry if there was not enough algae to go around :) Any thoughts?
  2. Lchi87

    Lchi87 Fishlore VIP Member

    I don't see an issue with another nerite. :) Go for it!
  3. OP
    Cherie G

    Cherie G Member Member

    Thanks! I researched a little and found somewhat conflicting information as far as how much bioload snails add. I figured nerites, especially since they are so small and can't have babies in fresh water should be ok but would much rather ask here for some input first. Hope those adorable little shell dwellers are doing good!