Another Sick Betta: Advice?

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by alpaca, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. alpacaNew MemberMember

    My female CT betta (Stella) is starting to show symptoms similar to my baby betta who passed away.
    Stella is not eating at all. She has not eaten for at least 2-3 days. She has swim bladder disorder, but she had never stopped eating like she is doing currently.
    Yesterday, I could see she was constipated, so I tried to give her some pea. She didn't care about it at all. That's a first. *sigh*
    I think I see the common factor here. I believe I gave her too much or possibly unnecessary fungus medicine. It was used to cure/alleviate her septicemia and swim bladder disorder. (She's had severe swim bladder issues, which I think stemmed from poor water quality and a diet of flakes). The meds really alleviated her swim bladder disorder symptoms. But I stopped giving it to her a couple of weeks ago. It seems to have coated her entire body in film too.
    Yesterday, I put her in an unfiltered 1 gallon. I put stress coat and aquarium salt in the water prior to putting her in. All day, she sits at the top and barely moves (which is similar to what she did before). But now she doesn't eat, and I would think she is somewhat constipated/bloated even though she hasn't eaten in a few days.
    I don't know what else I can do.
    Any suggestions?
  2. BornThisWayBettasFishlore VIPMember

    Hi again. :)

    Do you have a picture?

    For future reference, I think it would be best to just get a little filter for your hospital tank, just a suggestion. :)

    I'm kind of clueless as to what this is. Was she in contact with the baby that passed away in any sort of way? Even if it was just sharing equipment like water siphons?

  3. alpacaNew MemberMember

    Stella is actually in a bowl right now. :/ I'm working on acquiring everything for my bettas asap. I do have a currently unused (but noisy) Tetra Whipser 3i filter. I'll see what I can do. :)
    Well she is in much better shape than the baby and not anchored down on her side like the baby was. I don't think there was anything shared between them. And Stella has much more energy than Raven did. She even swam around a little bit when I went by her a little bit ago. It's just difficult for her to swim with her swim bladder issues. Also, the medicine is taking somewhat of a toll like it did on the baby. I'm thinking Stella has a bacterial infection like Raven did too. And her swim bladder is acting up, so I'm guessing that she's just bloated and full. I hope that's why she's not eating.
    Here's a dual pic of her:  

  4. BornThisWayBettasFishlore VIPMember

    At this point I don't know of much more you can do for her, just keep going like you're going, imo. :) Also, the filter should help, as well as a heater, if that's possible. Are her scales raised?

  5. alpacaNew MemberMember

    I don't think her scales are raised. But I think another one of my betta's scales is. I know that is one of the symptoms of dropsy, but I'm pretty sure none of my bettas have that. What else does raised scales mean?
  6. oOBlueOoWell Known MemberMember

    I'd put her in at least a 3 gallon with a heater and a filter. Keep in mind, adding a new filter with new media is going to start the nitrogen cycle. So use prime to protect her.

    Don't feed for about 3 days, then offer frozen brine shrimp or frozen bloodworms. If she doesn't take the bloodworms, then something else is wrong with her.
  7. alpacaNew MemberMember

    I was actually looking at that earlier today. I don't know why I asked you, but thank you for helping. None of my bettas have severely raised scales like in dropsy. My other betta probably has a bacterial infection. I swear all of my bettas are sick except for 2 out of the 6. But I allowed that to occur due to my lack of betta keeping knowledge. I bit off more than I could chew, and now I'm paying the price.
  8. BornThisWayBettasFishlore VIPMember

    Hey, we all do it sometimes, some of us more than others (like me lol!). Good luck! :)
  9. Bijou88Well Known MemberMember

    She does look bloated to me personally. Have you considered trying an Epsom salt bath? If she won't eat peas, the bath along with fasting might be your best option.

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  10. alpacaNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the advice, and I know you're 100% correct. But I can't provide that. If I'm not providing that for even my healthy bettas then I can't do it. I'm working on getting adequate space for her and all of my bettas. And, I'm planning on starting a 10 gallon soon. Idk what to do anymore. I have money for tanks and filtration, but not for 6 heaters. I would like to say that I'm going to follow what you said, but I can't.

    I'm kind of doing that already. Aquarium salt won't work as well as Epsom salt then?
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  11. junebugFishlore LegendMember

    Stop salting her tank. Like now. Do a large water change with aged tap water (assuming you use tap for your fish) and replace as much of her water as you can with unsalted water. Aquarium salt makes bloat and SBD issues much worse than they would be otherwise, as it causes water retention. Just like in humans, when we eat salty food, our cells retain more water to counteract it.

    Until she gets better, daily 50% water changes with Prime. An epsom salt bath would be a good idea as well to get the bloating down. It also will act as a mild diuretic if she does happen to be a bit constipated.

    Really what all of your fish need most is clean water, heaters, and filters in appropriately sized tanks...
  12. Dom90Fishlore VIPMember

    Ok I am not trying to be rude but... why would you deliberately put a fish already in distress into a small cramped bowl that isnt unfiltered and unheated and uncycled tank?
  13. alpacaNew MemberMember

    I will work on giving her an Epsom salt bath.
    Okay, this is overwhelming. I took on a bunch of bettas over this past year because I was depressed. I essentially became a betta hoarder. I know what my bettas require, I just stretched myself too thin. This info has been regurgitated to me so many times. I'm working on providing quality care, but I have 6 bettas to worry about. Idk why I'm defending myself. I really should just stop starting new threads.
  14. BornThisWayBettasFishlore VIPMember

    No no, you're just asking for help, that's all! No harm in that! :) I think you already know what should be done, so I think continuing to tell you that you need heated, filtered tanks for all your bettas is getting kinda redundant, imo.......
  15. Bijou88Well Known MemberMember

    Make sure you do the Epsom salt bath in a different container than you're keeping her in, and leave her in the bath for no longer than 20 minutes. I used 2 tsp and approx 1g of water when I gave a bath to my platy.

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  16. alpacaNew MemberMember

    Okay, thank you for the details on the Epsom salt bath.

    Unfortunately, Stella has dropsy. Her scales are becoming more "pine-cony". And she started to drop to the bottom vertically. Maybe, that's how baby Raven died. I'm not entirely sure. All I can say is that I'm ignorant and all I can do is keep learning and learning forever.
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  17. oOBlueOoWell Known MemberMember

    For future reference, is there anyplace in your house that is warm? Bettas need heat to stay healthy. Usually about 76-80 degrees. If the temp is too low, the betta will have a poor immune system.

    If you have a nice warm spot that you can move your bettas to, I think that would help, along with daily water changes.
  18. alpacaNew MemberMember

    Well, I've kept Stella in a really cheap tank. I bought her in January, and I'm assuming her immune system was slowly getting worse because of poor water conditions. (Highly ignorant of me-- I know)
    Thanks for the advice. The temperature in my 2.5 gallon reads about 75 degrees. All of the tanks are next to each other, so I would assume it's about the same temperature in each tank. I know that's too low of a temperature. And it's been cooler weather lately. (I live in WI too, by the way). I'm going to try to eventually buy heaters for all of my bettas.
  19. _Fried_Bettas_Well Known MemberMember

    Look at the description/photos of velvet. Then get a magnifying glass and look at your bettas really close, it is almost impossible to see with the naked eye on most colors. I had this in my fishroom and it is highly contagious, just using the same net or hands in two tanks without bleaching is enough to spread it.

    Are you certain you are not overfeeding your bettas, this causes many more problems than not feeding them enough; 4-5 pellets a day is more than enough.
  20. oOBlueOoWell Known MemberMember

    I forgot to ask. Do you test the water? If you don't currently test it, I'd get a liquid API test kit. There's a master test kit, but that can be expensive. If you don't want to get the whole kit, then I'd just get the ammonia and nitrite.

    That's NITRITE , not nitrAte. Ammonia and nitrite of any amounts in the bowl will hurt the fish. This along with low water temp and over feeding will hurt the fish.

    For food, I'd try to stay with the higher end. New Life Spectrum makes some nice flakes and pellets. I have a betta that loves flakes, but hates pellets.

    But then I also have a betta that loves pellets and hates flakes.

    Also, bettas don't need as much food as you might think. Their stomach is only as big as their eye. And some bettas are very prone to bloat.

    And also, about filters, you can easily make a sponge filter. All you need is a PVC pipe, sponges, an air pump/air stone, and a drill. There's videos on YouTube that are pretty good with DIY filters and whatnot. I've even seen a video of a soda bottle filter.

    So it's kinda interesting. DIY might not be the best for filters, but it's something, at least.

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