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Hi all,

I've been lurking on the forum for a few months and decided today that I ought to sign up.

In the 1980s and early 90s I was an aquarium enthusiast. I started, like many people my age, with a goldfish won at the fair that only survived for a month or so in a bowl. My interest grew to multiple tanks through my teenage and college years. We had no Internet back then so everything I knew came from books and experience. I gave up the hobby when I started living a semi-nomadic lifestyle.

I've since settled down, and last year I stumbled across some aquascaping videos on YouTube and was amazed to discover how far the hobby has come in 25 years! Back in the day, I considered plants to be more hassle than they were worth, so I never bothered with them, even though I have quite a green thumb with houseplants. I'd also never seen freshwater shrimp until very recently.

In January I bought my first aquatic plants, thinking I'd just keep a couple in jars (ha!). The jars started to multiply and in April I bought three twenty liter (5 gallon) nano tanks, which I'm in the process of cycling and scaping, though I'm purposely taking my time with it. So far one of them is scaped and in the process of fishless cycling and one is full of water and sponge filters that I'm also cycling. I plan to have a Betta in one of the nano tanks and the other two will be for shrimp (or possibly two will be for Bettas and one for shrimp- not fully committed yet).

I have five juvenile Amano shrimp in a 2 gallon heavily planted, filtered bowl (don't worry, they're very small now and the bowl is just for grow-out- they will be moved as soon as the first nano tank is cycled and has enough biofilm to keep them happy). I can't believe how attached I am to these little guys. They are so amazing!

My husband built me an awesome rack for the nano tanks and it has a big empty space on top, so last week I ordered a custom tank which will be about 90L (20-ish gallons). That one will be mainly for aquascaping, and I also want to have a school of corydoras, because back in the day I used to keep them all alone, one in each tank as a "cleaner" (because I didn't know any better). Since learning that they should be kept in schools I'm determined to make that happen to make up for the way I kept them in the distant past.

I'm supposed to stop with that tank- but obviously I have an awful case of MTS, so I might start trying to find room for more once I have everything going!

So here I am- no fish yet, just some plants and shrimp in jars while I slowly put the tanks together- I want to do everything right, so I'm taking my time.
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