Another plant ID... ha

Please ID this plant and tell me about how it needs to be planted, substrate and lighting needs, etc.

Thanks for your help!

The one in pic is about 10" - 11" long. I also have (1) about 8-9", (2) about 7" and (1) about 4" tall.

Looks like a variety of bacopa? Not sure the specific one though
My guess is Bacopa caroliniana.

If this is what it is, I've found it to be an easy plant to grow. It likes medium to high light. Just plant it in the substrate like any other stem plant.
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Thanks so much!
I have some bacopa caroliniana in my tank, it grows healthy under a plain 20W 5000K LED bulb, in gravel substrate with only liquid fertilizer. I do have a poop-machine mystery snail so there is always a nice layer of detritus I leave by the roots, beneath the gravel. A little tip for you- if the top leaves start turning pink and you don't have high lighting, it's a nice indicator of limited nitrates before your plants begin to starve.
Looks like a very mature stem you got there! Mine came about 4'' tall without any roots at all. Never get rooted plants without roots... they take forever to root! Especially in gravel or light substrate.

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