Another New Tank!


Just thought I'd share with you. I have bought a new tank today! I've bought a 23 gallon (UK) tank for my dining room. This is tank Number 4. Obviously I need it to cycle but if anyone has any ideas for stocking the tank I'd be gratefull. You can see from my signature what fish I already have so anything different would be nice.

I don't have the time for marine fish though as I work and have a son, 4 dogs and a parrot plus the other 3 tanks!

Get your thinking caps on folks.

I'll add a picture when my brother returns my camera!


Congratulations on your new tank There are really many stocking suggestions, but it would be best if you told us first what fish you like best - and we could work our way from there.
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Well I decided on Platys. Mainly because I love Micky Mouse Platys and a friend of mine breeds them fr fun. I have mixed Platys in and I have a couple of pregnancy's.

Here are a few pics.

BTW it is filled with water from my big tank and aged filters so the water is just fine. I test it everyday for safety but all levels are good.


Great Picts! I love your tank!

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