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Heys guys and girls I have been away from the forum and the hobby for a while now but after many months of looking at a dry 55 gallon tank I couldn't help but give in. The tank used too be the home of my albino oscar which I unfortunately had to uthenize after an ongoing battle with hith. Anyway I have the tank filled to the top I ended up using hose water which I was wondering if it is ok I couldn't see anything wrong with this way? I ended up getting a natural looking rock color and definitely want a lot of plants this time as for last time it was mostly open due too the size of my oscar and tank. So far I am doing the cycle with a fantail in it I know many of you will be against this but it was for the fishes best interest I promise. Anyway I just put him in his new home and he or she seems too like it I noticed he was more comfortable with the lights off. I turned one half of the tanks lighting off and the other on and he would always stay on the side where the light was off so I ended up turning both off and he seems more relaxed. Sorry for the novel I am excited too have my old yet new tank filled again I will keep you guys updated and possibly I will even post pictures once the tank has cycled and I have added more fish and plants.

Short story- I am back from a long break from the hobby and the forum I have my 55 gallon setup again with about a 8 month old fantail swimming in it while it cycles I will keep you guys posted on my tanks updates and possibly pictures in a month or two anywaysss it is nice to be back thanks for reading!!!
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HI There! Welcome back!

What do you have planned for the tank? Are you planning to keep goldfish?

look below to my siggy for some good low-light plants too
Hey thanks its good to be back I don't think I will be keeping the goldfish too long in my 55 gallon and my only other tank is a 10 gallon which I don't find suitable for goldfish I may have a decent size tank on the way that I could keep the goldfish in if not I will be bringing the goldfish to a trustworthy fish store and hope it goes to a good home I hope too be getting a pair of black convicts to get to breed as for now I am more concerned about getting the tank properly cycled and thanks for the plant advice I have tried a few of the plants in your "siggy" before and have had success I definitely want better lighting eventually as I do want a lot of plants.
Okay so it has been about five or so days now since I set up my tank and things seem to be going as planned I still have yet to add any plants which should change by the end of the week I tested the water in the tank today and here were the readings pH-7.5 AMMONIA-.50 NITRITE-0 NITRATE-0 I think everything is going good I have great water clarity and I got my temperature hovering around the 70 degree range I wanted to keep it a bit colder than normal as I do have a fantail in there at the moment. I have a question about drift wood can I find my own and treat it or should I buy the wood at my lfs?

I will continue to update this page as my tank cycles

Thanks again
Day twelve everything is going smoothly not much has changed since my last post I can tell my goldfish is feeling more comfortable in the tank and shows no signs of stress at all.
The only slight change is my ammonia levels which have rised to about 1.0 which is expected in a cycling tank still waiting for the nitrites to appear also may ph dropped a little as well.

thanks for reading
I have a couple aquascape questions first of all is it safe too add plants while my tank is cycling I believe it is actually beneficial? I also was looking into new lights as mine are cheap and came with the hood on the 55 gal I got from petsmart I would appreciate it if you guys could send me a link to some lights. Would I need to get a new hood? I want to add some dwarf tears I have a rocky gravel substrate will this be okay? thanks guys

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