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  1. River Gray Member Member

    Mirrors is a great idea! When we had a beta we would occasionally use a mirror to give him “exercise” and to get good look at his fins etc. We had a beta care guide that suggested it. Didn’t think about it in this context so ya thanks. He definitely will get a lot of new friends if he lives...
  2. River Gray Member Member

    Do I use both the kanaplex and the furan2 at the same time or do I treat one than charcoal filter 24hrs and then remove it and use the next med? Should I do any water changes besides small ones prior to dosing for general cleaning and to make sure there’s not too much extra food in the tank.

    I’m almost definitely feeding him to much but since he is still getting an appetite back and yet still having some issues finding the best size flake pieces that he can handle after all the trauma of having the cotton mouth making eating hard and his gills still look they may be irritated tho I can’t see any signs that the disease is still doing damage but I’m not positive as occasionally I get a glimpse of his one side that still looks like the Gill is sticking out or something,but regardless both gills look red and raw and I know he’s probably still hurting some when he eats, hence the extra food in the water for him to have lots of choice and chances to nab some. Seems to really like the new garlic added flakes we got!

    So do the fish in our other tanks for that matter!!! .Hopefully the shrimp do too though I haven’t seen any specifically eating any, but if they don’t they can always eat the small amount of algae that grows and the pellets we add on occasion just to be sure they are all getting fed enough to hopefully start breeding soon! Lol!

  3. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    Yep you use both at the same time. I would do a pretty large water change before starting the meds, around 50%.

    Glad he's still trying to eat! He's a fighter!
  4. River Gray Member Member

    Unfortunately I have gotten another small breakout in the new fish friends (four glowlight tetras) for the remaining original GLT of the dread columnaris!!! I have the medication that helped save the original guy still and I started treatment at the very earliest signs so I’m much more positive that this time we’ll get through this will hopefully zero or at most very very little damage done. The only thing I can’t remember is what order is the best to use the meds in... do I treat with one med acccording to the directions (every other day for the kanamycin) or simultaneously,by using the furan-2 on the days that you skip the kanamycin? Or is there a better way, like using them both on same day at same time or one in morning and one at night, or any other combo? (I can’t recall the exact directions on the furan-2 atm but I think it was a tablet every other day as well.)

  5. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    Yep you want them in the water at the same time.

    Day 1: dose Kanaplex and furan
    Day 2: dose furan
    Day 3: 25% water change, dose Kanaplex and furan
    Day 4: dose furan
    Day 5: 25% water change, dose Kanaplex and furan

    Then reassess and see if you need to do another round.
  6. River Gray Member Member

    Thanks soooo much! Last night was technically the third dose of kanamycin day (doing every other) so would you suggest I skip to day 2 or day 3 and then work thru to 5 and reassess? Or would you just start right at 1 by adding both same time around noon or so after there light has been on and they’ve fed for the day, or just furan even tho the kanamycin was added 12hrs prior? I’m was thinking the tank could use a good vacuum and some cleaning since with all the invertebrates and algae eaters gone there’s a lot more detritus (especially uneaten flakes no matter how small of rations I give them, since they are just too stubborn to eat anything that isn’t moving in the water so if it falls to fast they won’t pick at the gravel or wood even... suppose they might if I stopped feeding them for days in between, but that probably wouldn’t help them get healthy faster so I’ll just clean the tank and let them waste good food lol) hanging around, so I might do a 50% wc tonight and then start at day 1... Sound sensible? And if a mod sees this I think that racing’s daily break down of meds to medicate with to treat columnaris outbreaks from getting anywhere even close to established and/or to the point it does permanent harm, would be very helpful to have posted somewhere on a sticky top post under the chemical names and as a suggested remedy so hopefully less fish will have to die because their owners didn’t stumble onto the right meds or combination of things, etc....
  7. River Gray Member Member

    Lol I’m a dork for not realizing there was a second page to the post! LOL!
    I had thought for sure I had asked and been answered about doing them simultaneously or not before but was blind and didn’t see the next page of posts *palmface* lol! Well thanks again anyways and I feel good about doing the 50% and starting anew at step uno!!!

  8. River Gray Member Member

    So finished thru a round and I think one of the little guys (at least) has a little white left and one maybe still has really red gills.... should I do a whole nother cycle? Or try something else? A bath for the still affected one(s)? Any other ideas?
    Pretty sure at least two have small dots of white still (yes dots but not like salt so not ick just tiny patches of the cottony stuff on one gill and one head and maybe a fluke or fin joint...).
  9. River Gray Member Member

    Help! Help?!?
  10. tokiodreamy Well Known Member Member

    If you have noticed that the meds were helping, I'd dose again and look again after another round of treatment

  11. River Gray Member Member

    Thanks dream! I’m going to start another round and maybe do a bath in ParaGuard (malachite green but a less harsh extra additive than formalin worked with it) for the one or two with the obvious lingering, and possibly growing☹️, infections.
  12. River Gray Member Member

    I’m worried that it might not be a resurgence of the columnaris but something different, possibly hole in the head. I have pics I will post in a few minutes.
  13. River Gray Member Member

    Sorry there’s likely unnecessary pics but I wanted to put them all up in case one pic shows someone something that another may not see and vice versa in a different photo.
    Is this just more columnaris still or something else?
    The gills on one side look a bit gooey maybe and the white spot looks deeper down into the skin rather than fluffy white cotton puffs... There also looks to be maybe a scale or something hanging down approximately near the bottom corner of his mouth. Those are what I saw so far on him.
    One of the biggest reasons I’m concerned is that out of the five of the GLTs he is the only one who seems to have gotten a return of symptoms of this caliber. Only one other shows any other recurring symptoms at all even and those only very mild ones that are most likely to just be lingering symptoms and not necessarily recurrent ones at all.
    E711570C-2354-4AF2-933D-F2944979CD28.jpeg 8D047181-4550-4896-94A1-4911DE565450.jpeg 36EB8F2D-8EC5-4583-A0CD-03DE6BB0DB10.jpeg C78BEA09-EC0A-4946-97BC-719AD7398F13.jpeg 986BC984-2EB7-494A-8DE4-CC1BB754120E.jpeg EE31EFA8-214C-4316-9E1C-17ADE4234FAB.jpeg 491DCA24-5308-43B8-A92D-C2178FFD1F02.jpeg 65450015-4559-41CC-A9FB-80B5D145E7B7.jpeg
  14. River Gray Member Member

    I deleted the really blurry ones... does it look like hole-in-head or something like it? Or is it still columnaris attacking? I’m so worried that he might pass this back to the other fish who all seem to be recovered or very nearly so from the latest brush with columnaris....
  15. River Gray Member Member

    Hate to be bringing this back up to top so often but I need to figure out what medication I need to buy as I’m on my last dose of Furan so I’ll need either more of that or something different if it is different. I’m debating doing a quIck Cure or ParaGuard bath for the fish in the pics above.... opinions or ideas appreaciated!!!!!!!
  16. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    I would try a paraguard or methylene blue bath. Then decide if you need another round of meds. I can’t definitively see anything in the pics, the lighting is making it hard so I can’t see exactly what you’re talking about.
  17. River Gray Member Member

    I posted a new thread with close up pics of his head... take a look there and tell me what you think please!!!