Another Cycle Question For The Pros!

  1. christopherdiehl77 Member Member

    Started a tank and doing fishless cycle. I added seeded media. Ceramic media from another tank of mine. Fast forward 2 weeks and I'm still waiting on it to cycle!?!? So much for instant cycle. I've been dosing ammonia up to 4ppm. Here's where I'm at now. How much longer? What am I doing wrong? 8f6a69b0ba84658161175329ac2398ee.jpg fdd2f8701dbddf2d1e6737c43dacc9c2.jpg
  2. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    How long has your nitrite been showing at 5.0ppm? Have you done any water changes to get that down or dilutions tests to determine how high it actually is? Too high nitrites can negatively affect your bacteria and stall your cycle.

  3. christopherdiehl77 Member Member

    I did 90% water change last night and it brought nitrites down to
    .50ppm and then i dosed ammonia up to 4.0ppm. Tonight, 24 hrs later they're at 5.0ppm
  4. christopherdiehl77 Member Member

    I cant figure out why nitrites arent going down any

  5. JoJe Member Member

    How big is your new tank compared to how much media you added? I assume you have a filter/pump to help the cycling of water through the bio media, but even still larger tanks may take longer to cycle simply due to the amount of water and thus more ammonia. Is your tank planted? If not your nitrate is going to stay high without water changes, and even if planted, nitrate will stay higher longer without water changes.

    Overall it just looks like your tank is in the middle of the cycle since the ammonia is low and both nitrite and nitrate are high. Aquaphobia did pose a good question though of how long your tank has been showing high nitrate. Generally nitrite converts to nitrate pretty quickly, though this conversion does take a little longer than ammonia to nitrite at the beginning of a cycle due to the slower growth of the nitrite to nitrate creating bacteria.
  6. christopherdiehl77 Member Member

    I have a 10 gallon that i took the media out of and put it in my 29 gallon. I do have the filter on and circulating the water as well as a sponge filter going to help with water agitation. Heater is set to 80. It's not planted because it's going to be a shell dweller tank. I'm not sure how long nitrites sat at 5ppm but after 90% water change it went from .50ppm to 5.0ppm in 24hrs. Should i do another water change or wait it out?
  7. christopherdiehl77 Member Member

    Anyone have any suggestions?

  8. JoJe Member Member

    Wait it out. It is just where you are in the cycle. If another week goes by with no change, then maybe consider a bacteria starter like TSS or Stability.
  9. christopherdiehl77 Member Member