Another ammonia question

  1. jglove276

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    Still cycling my tank it has been 4weeks and I have not seen any change for probably the last 2 weeks. I’m using API master test kit and getting about 1.0 ammonia .25 Nitrite and 5.0 Nitrate. I started the cycle with fish food but as I have read and learned it makes one heck of a mess. My question is rather than continue feed the tank with food can I use pure ammonia? I have heard that you should stop using ammonia once you see Nitrates. Is this correct or should I keep adding the ammonia until the tank can completely remove it on its own. Also if I need to add the ammonia at what level should I keep it to get this cycle moving?
  2. Lucy

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    This is correct. You have to keep the bacteria fed with some source of ammonia.

    Cycling with food can be messy, but really, it looks like you're doing ok.
    You might want to consider just doing what you're already doing.

    Personally, I like the add and wait pure ammonia method.
    You bring your ammonia up to 4 or 5. Wait for it to drop to 0 and bring it back up to 4 or 5 again.
    Once you have a nitrite reading, you cut the amount of ammonia you were adding in half.
    Keep that up until the ammonia and nitrites can drop to 0 in 12 to 24 hours.

    Since you it looks like you're about in mid cycle, I don't know how much ammonia you would add.
    Possibly bring it up to 2, you don't want to add too much since it could overwhelm the bacteria that's already developed.

    Let's see what others have to say.