Annularis angel help!!!!!!

HI everyone! I just ordered an annularis angel and Ive been doing research on it but I just feel like I still need to know more about the fish. If any one has any inside info on these cool guys or has any tips please pass me some info because I really love this fish to death! He will be a juvinile about 2 in long, I'm a lil worried about his tank mates. Its a 125 gal tank. in the tank I have
1. blue damsel oooo about 2 in long
2. niger trigger 3 in
3. Powder Brown Tang 4 in long

I'm only afraide of the powder brown really is there any cause for concern with him? I only worry because the angel is so small, ill also be getting a thread fin butterfly in the order as well! I really want this to work out so if any one has any advise let me know. thanks
Sorry, I don't know anything about that fish in particular, but you should always research your fish before you order/get one!
You could try googling it? And fishlore might have a page on it in the saltwater fish section. You could also try searching the forums for it and see what other people have done with it?

I hope this bumps up your thread a bit.
Stang Man
Trigger not good with fish you have He will end up owning tank and everyone else will be gone.I can bet that other fish are totally stessed from trigger time to get rid of him soon or diseases will occur!These fish are the most aggresive fish to have in aquarium keep aggressive only or passive only or peaceful together in these catagorys only.

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