Animal Control Accepts Aquatics?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by motherofbettas, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. motherofbettas

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    I follow my county's animal control on facebook and I saw the other day that someone adopted fish from them. It looked to be a molly and some platys and a snail. I was really surprised because I didn't know that they took in unwanted fish- but I'm glad because now I have a place to check out before hitting a local petstore or buying online! I'm also thinking of volunteering to possibly foster fish for them so they can maybe expand to accept more fish (I have no idea what their current set up is-I'm assuming small) and grow awareness for proper fish keeping and rescue programs.
    I was wondering does anyone else's local animal control accept fish?
  2. sloughdog

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    No but that is awesome! A nearby Petco takes in fish for adoption and turn around seems very quick.
  3. Fanatic

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    I don't believe so, but I do have a very professional family owned LFS near me that takes all unwanted fish and gives you store credit for what they are worth depending on the computer system they list them on.
  4. Dinoknight

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    I've also got an LFS nearby that takes pretty much any unwanted fish, good place to bring fry, as I don't exactly have much of an income to setup the 10g or 20g's to house them, my income is pretty much enough to keep things maintenanced and working on my two tanks that I'm setting up, but not much more. Such is life for a teen not quite old enough to get a job... They generally keep them available for adoption once they quarentine them and they are free of diseases. I also have heard the weirdest stories about those fish. Apparently, someone had a large 2 and a half inch aggressive white cloud mountain minnow that was terrorizing the rest of their 55g community setup... although he has mellowed out since I have had him. Possibly because when he tries to bait the cories, they completely ignore the little bugger.

    - Dino
  5. ValerieAdams

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    I'm not 100% sure if they take unwanted fish but I do know that the local humane officers took an ADF from a house where it wasn't getting good care
  6. Hondacivic

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    I just checked the website of my local animal shelter, looks like they have some animals labels as “Tropical” with a picture of a fish tank. So i’m guessing they are starting to take in fish which is nice!