angles and discus

dan da man3042

hey I was wondering if angles and discus go together aswel as the fish listed bellow and kribs (a fish I might b getting soon)

\/ down thewre are the fish


I have heard that some folks have put angels and discus together, but I don't think it's recommended. Discus are very skiddish (an expensive) fish, and do best in basically a species only tank. I think the kribs and the angles would be fine together, and also with the other fish you have listed. Someone please let me know if I'm wrong on this.


I personally would not mix Angels with Discus. And as for the Kribs, I am sorry but I've no idea ???

P.S. Dan Da Man, how many fish (of the kinds listed in your signature) do you have in your 165L and 40L tanks? Discus should not be kept in anything smaller than 280L and BosemanI Rainbows should have at least 120 - 150L.


165L = approx 41gallons right? That's not quite big enough for all the fishies your wanting. when buying fish figure out if you have room for them at their adult sizes. Clown Loaches can get 11-12 inches See the link in "before you buy Clown Loaches".
Discus and Angels have been kept successfully together in really large heavily planted tanks. Usually 125G or larger.
Your 165L tank would make a great place for a bunch of Kuhlis and other small loaches.

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