Angels or Parrots?

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    Since my guppies in my 45 gallon (did the math, it apparently is 45 rather than 40 LOL) all died except for a single pair, which still seem to be doing fine and appear healthy, I've been looking into new ideas for stocking the tank. The dividers will be removed within the next few days and I will try to take care of my recent snail invasion if I can ;) Lately, I've been tossing around the idea of getting either some Angelfish or perhaps a Blood Parrot or two, since I'd like to keep things simple and do a species-only tank.

    So if I were to get Angels, how many could I keep? I would think to start out with 3 to 5 but I've been reading that if and when they pair up you have to remove the rest. However, I would like to keep as many adults as possible, so if I were to have several of the same gender will they fight? (I know it takes a while to be able to tell what gender they are so I assume this will be rather difficult but I'd like to try.)

    As far as Blood Parrots go, would I be okay with two in my size tank? There are plants in my tank but they don't take up too much space yet and I will try to keep them that way if I get Parrots, to keep enough swimming space. On that note, are they okay with plants as far as uprooting, shredding, eating them, etc?

    Is it just me or is it tough to find somewhat larger fish, particularly cichlids which I love, that don't shred plants? LOL :D
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    I hear if you have only male angels they wont fight but I might be wrong I'm not sure about parrots.
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    Good morning,

    Due to the fact that Bloody Parrots can reach 10" x 8", I would select Angel Fish for your 40/45g tank. Too, I've tried plants with my Bloody Parrots in the 265g tank and they shredded them, uprooted them and ate them along with my Silver Dollars. My Bloody Parrots have learned to eat Romaine Lettuce that I actually first placed in the tank for the Silver Dollars. They can rip it, shred it and eat it with no problems. Bloody Parrots and plants may be hit or miss.

    45g's IMO, is not enough for Bloody Parrots as a permanent home.

    Others may have different experiences with Bloody Parrots and plants, but for me it didn't work. I now have 2 hang on back (hob) refugiums for my plants on this tank.

    I added 2 male Angel Fish to my 265g and they have a face off from time to time but no torn fins or damage done. They usually buddy around together. They were originally in my 33g long with 2 other Angels (mated pair) and I had to move them once the pair spawned. The pair would not let the 2 males out of the corner.

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    Thank you for the advice, Ken!

    I had a feeling from their size alone that Bloody Parrots wouldn't really work, but I just wanted to be sure. ;D

    I was leaning more towards Angelfish anyway since I knew that they would be fine with plants. Besides, they are so darn cute!! :p
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    I definitely wouldn't do perrots they get large and are very shy