Angels haven't spawned

  1. C

    Chloe432 New Member Member

    Hey guys I've had my 2 angels about 4-5 years and they have been more than happy together since I got them, yesterday they started like pecking the tank driftwood (they don't normally do this I presume it's cleaning for breeding) they were also quite aggressive to others in my tank which is a surprise as they have always been peaceful with there tank mates.
    I understand all this is breeding behaviour ,I just don't understand why it's took 5 years for this to happen for the first time, also after a day and a half they have calmed down no spawning but still show papilla ?
  2. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Hi and welcome.
    I have Angels and there is at least one set that has paired but I have not seen eggs as of yet. They have been paired for at least 4 or so months-no where near 4-5 years. :)
    They may be having eggs at night? Is it possible that a substrate cleaner-cory or maybe a pleco is eating them?
  3. OP

    Chloe432 New Member Member

    They could be having them at night as I do have a catfish with them also so he could be eating them at night . It's funny because I don't have room for anymore but I was so disappointed when I woke and didn't see eggs :(
    But I supose it's for the best , is there any chance they could be two males
    I heard that they wouldn't live happily if they were but these have been happy together just no sign of eggs
  4. h

    hgrad98 Valued Member Member

    I have had 2 angels since last October/November. They are always around each other, but they haven't spawned either. If males are aggressive to each other, I don't think I have 2 males. But they haven't spawned.