Angels fish with Amano Shrimp


So one of my friends offered me some amano shrimp. I never had shrimp and I could use some to help with algae on my plants. I have a 180l tank and I keep angels and gouramis. Can I put amano shrimp in the same tank or will the angels eat them? Thanks


I would say maybe, angelfish can get big and if their mouth gets big enough they will eat anything that fits in their mouth, as for gouramis they also like to hunt down shrimp but sometimes with bigger shrimp such as amano they leave them alone, depends on the personality of your fish, if you make the tank heavily planted however your chances will increase to keep shrimp with them.


I had 2 Amanos in my Planted 55 Community.
The pair would hang-out together out in the open and anywhere in the tank, a joy to watch. None of their tank mates could intimidate them. They would rear-up and defend at anytime and scurry away with food. But since adding 4 juvenile Angels
I very rarely would see them together in fact only 1 now and then.
After a few months I thought they had become dinner. Then I spotted them together on the filter pipe. While watching them an Angel came up and tried to peck at one, it reared up and swiped at the Angel. At that point it dawned on me, they have been hiding from the Angels. I did move them to another tank and they were out and about again.

Good Luck!


Honestly it's all up to you if you feel like you can try it then go ahead, try to find amano that are already with angelfish / gouramis for better luck and make the tank heavily planted.


Some months ago I added a few cull neocaridina shrimp to my 65 gallon tank that has an angelfish. Between the angel, the rainbowfish, and the tetras I assumed they'd be immediately eaten, but I occasionally see one crawling around. The tank has some fairly dense plants, so that helps, but my point is that if neos can survive with an angelfish I don't see any reason why amanos can't.


I have a breeding pair of adult
Angels , they’re huge. And 2 Amanos living together , among other things. But there’s no way in **** my angels could eat my amanos. Unless the amanos were babies maybe. Fully
Grown amanos are huge. No way an angel could eat them

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