Angels & Clown Loaches


O.K. I'm trying to be proactive intead of reactive. I'm raising Angel fish for the first time (I've been a hobbyist for 15 years). I would like to add a few clown loaches to keep the gravel clean (besides the fact that they're 1 of my favorite). My concern is that these beautiful fish are very succeptable to ich. Any ideas how I can prevent my loaches from coming down with this disease before & after I introduce them to my angelfish established aquarium?  I presently have 3 angels in a 40 gal. tank. 1 nickle size & the other 2 are dime size. I also have a beautiful sm.(3 in.) snowball pleco. Thanks ahead of time.


Quarentine is the best way I know to keep from introducing ICH or any other disease to an operating tank. Clown loaches like warmer temps so a good two weeks at about 80F temps should make sure they are "clean" of Ich. angels also like warmer temps so they are a good match temp wise.
although I would say a 40G tank isn't big enough to hold clowns for long. I have had clowns and angels together for many years and have no problems.
check this link out


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