angels and snails

  1. varunrao94 Member Member

    hello all,
    wanted to know if angels and snails r compatiable? do the eat snails?
    algae has started to increase in tank glass and leaves so thinking of some snails pls do suggest some .
  2. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    I have one female Angel. She's almost 2 years old. I've had her since 3 months old and have a tank full of assorted Nerite snails. She doesn't bother the snails OR fish.

    I think it depends on the Angel as most are known to be somewhat aggressive - especially when they are spawning. Most fish do not bother snails ( maybe they are just too slow moving )

    Are you planning on getting more than 1 angel?

    I wouldn't worry about it but if the worst case scenario happens, just make sure you have another means for the snails.

    BTW - Nerite snails are great for algae :)

  3. varunrao94 Member Member

    thnx for the reply,
    i just hav 2 angels currently in my tank,planning to stock it very very slowly
    lots of algae on the glass and leaves atm so was thinking abt adding 1 or 2 snails .
    i dont hav any other tanks just a 1 gallon bowl ,what shd i do?
  4. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    I would definitely look in to the "causes" of algae first. Is it green? Stringy? is it on the glass?
    Where does your tank sit? Does it get lighting all day?

    Preventing algae is a time consuming trial and error but its better to find the cause FIRST.....

  5. varunrao94 Member Member

    it is of brown colour its only on the top of the tank glass and top leaves .
    i leave the light on for 6-7 hrs per day
    its in corner of room and no sunlight falls on it
  6. Castiel* Well Known Member Member

    As long as your snails aren't tiny I wouldn't worry at all, their shell is fairly strong and Angels teeth can't puncture it. Nerite snails do fairly well with algae but what it sounds like you have is a diatom bloom. Brown algae could be caused from poor water conditions, over feeding, or too much light.

    I'd try to get an algae scraper, scrape it off your glass and plants (gently). Do a PWC of about 50%, I really don't think its caused by lighting if you only have your lights on 6 or 7 hours a day.

    I think it maybe caused by over feeding which leads to poor water conditions. Try to keep up on water changes, mabye do 2x 25% wc a week. This wouldn't stress your fish out too much.
  7. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    Actually, excess nutrients like Silica is what causes it - new tank syndrome. Old light tubes and TOO LOW OF LIGHTING if it is in a mature or older tank.. Then theres nutrient imbalance, not being diligent on water changes.

    If you can easily wipe it off of plants with your fingers, then its diatoms. They do go away naturally or you can get otos, nerites to keep them under control.

  8. Castiel* Well Known Member Member

    Yes, correct Green Algae would be from too much lights right? I'm still fairly new to fish keeping my self! I usually get the diatoms.
  9. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    Green algae is nasty if in excess. I've had the stuff in one of my tanks and it was due to phosphate imbalance. Its best to try and figure the root of the cause; snails and other algae eating fish are great to have but if you don't have it under control, its just gets worse.

    Diatoms are ugly but most of the time, they do eventually go away by themselves
  10. Crissandra331 Member Member

    If you do decide to get Nerites, I have 2 as well (Captain and Tennille) I personally haven't had any issues with my Angels and the Nerites even when their breeding they show the snails no attention. Another thing to keep in mind, with the water I keep my Angels at the Nerites aren't specifically fond of. As @Junne had said in a previous thread of mine that they do better in a pH of 8.0 or higher, benefit from calcium supplements, and supplemental feedings with veggies. Another pro but con is while they can't reproduce in freshwater they still leave ugly white eggs all over that take FOREVER to go away and their also hard to manually get off. Mainly lay on my driftwood.

    I think Bristlenose Plecos are very good cleaners giving they have enough plants to equally rasp, if not I've found a few plants over rasped by them. Oto's are also good but are best kept in groups. I've read at least a group of 4 while others will suggest 6 or more. But they can be tricky to acclimate and a lot of people have had issues with them dropping dead shortly after buying them. Around here nobody can seem to get them to breed so their not to easy to find around here or their wild caught. Bristle Nose Plecos I think do much better singly, I have one albino BNP named Brutus, name explains him.

    I honestly have all 3 in my 65 gal (1 Albino BNP, 4 Oto, 2 Nerites) and they do an awesome job keeping everything clean!

    With the Angels, I would suggest either the BNP or Nerites. They ignore the Nerites, the BNP really hold their own, but I've noticed them intrigued by the Oto's cause their a little more flighty. Just a heads up but everyone gets along great in my tank ( for once)

  11. Castiel* Well Known Member Member

    Great INFO above!
  12. varunrao94 Member Member

    got to learn some great info thnx a lot to all of u :)
    i scrubbed of all the algae they were very easy to clean
    i made a trip to my LFS
    sadly they hav no netrite snails and said that he has an attacking snail dont know what that is so didnt take a risk with it
    though saw 2 poor danios alone in a tank all of its mates were bought i bought them
    sont actually know what they r they hav a long thin body black single stripe in the middle and red stripe near the eyes ,its tail is of yellow and black colour at the edge
    thnx for the help on the snail helped me a lot
  13. Crissandra331 Member Member

    Sounds like they might have tried to sell you an assassin snail? I think they eat other snails...good thing you didn't buy one :)
    And if what you got are danios, though it doesnt really sound like it. Make sure to freshen up on their care sheet, theirs one on here, they require A LOT of swimming space, and well oxygenated water to do so...

    Good Luck :)
  14. varunrao94 Member Member

    thank you
    i hav no idea what variety it is too...trying to take a pic but they r very fast moving :/
  15. Crissandra331 Member Member

    OH! I could imagine after 2+ months of having my Harlequin Rasboras they finally slowed down maybe about 5 mins, long enough for me to get a very poor quality picture ;)
  16. varunrao94 Member Member

    hehe....i guess my fish looks like this eeee426cbbe8d0945f9ab6738c7601db.jpeg
  17. Crissandra331 Member Member

    So it's a barb, right? Interesting....

    A LFS few town over has a few of these I think they call them Torpedo Barbs, or Denison? always wanted some but have had horrible experience with barbs in the past, so since have stayed away from them. ;)
  18. varunrao94 Member Member

    i am not sure too he said its some kind of danio .... he didnt know the name lol
    those 2 i got r very lively and r fun to watch ..
    they look way nicer than they look in the pic though
  19. Crissandra331 Member Member

  20. varunrao94 Member Member

    thnx a lot for helping me identify the fish
    so they were not danios :/
    but the 2 fish i got r very fun to watch,unfortunately one of them is considerably bigger than the other so it sometimes chases the smaller fish ,but the smaller fish is very clever while the bigger one chases the smaller one in circle at one point of time the smaller one suddenly stops near the driftwood and the bigger one still goes on in circle searching for the fish :D
    all those link suggest atleast 50 gallon :( i hope they can live happily in mine
    thnx again :)