Dillan Murphy
I have a angelfish that I rescued from petsmart. It was showing signs of ammonia poisoning and is missing a pectoral fin. The fish has recovered but now I have a new problem. The fish doesn't get around very well because of the missing fin, so when I feed my fish all my other fish out run him to the food. He has dark colored poop so he is eating something. Should I rehome him?
Maybe try feeding him with a tweezer setup. Baiscally take a tweezer and attach either a frozen or live food like a bloodworm, then put it up to the angelfish (in front of it) and hopefully it will grab it.
Ahw nice to hear you rescued the fish and he's in better health. I have found angels will go after food at all levels of the tank. They are fond of algae wafers and sinking pellets as well so you could try those whilst your other fish are distracted by the usual surface feeding

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