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  1. CherryBarb123

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    I have a 55 gallon planted community which I love. All is peaceful, however there is one thing missing. I have pretty much no life at the top of the aquarium. All of my fish besides my solitary, juvenile angelfish are in the middle section.

    In my tank I have:

    1 x Angelfish
    11 x Bleeding heart tetras
    8 x Three lined cories
    10 x Kuhli Loaches
    6 x Zebra Loaches
    2 x Bolivian Rams
    2 x Bristlenose plecos
    4 x Ottos

    It may seem pretty stocked, but the tank is planted, has ample room on the bottom for all the bottom feeders to co-exist nicely and I still have soooo much room in the top of the tank.

    I have no problem with filtration. I have more than enough. I have an external filter rated for 600L and then I have a fluval U4 internal, so ample filtration. I do 30-40% PWCs each week.

    I would really like to get some more angels. I would like at least one more. I would love more than 2, however is a trio bad? Will 2 pair up and gang up on one? I guess I couldn't stretch to 4 angels? What would be the maximum number with the stock I have? I love watching lots of angels, and I feel kinda sorry for my loner angel!


    QQQUUUUAADDDWell Known MemberMember

    The is stocked already. No room for other fish. Even if it doesn't seem crowded, it still could be bioload wise.
  3. Yeoy

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    Agreed. If you didn't have so many schools of bottom.feeders you might be ok? Just remember that your juvie angel will get bigger over time.
  4. AquariaUK

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    I think if you want another angel you may need to give back a school like the ottos or some loaches.
  5. OP

    CherryBarb123Valued MemberMember

    Ok, so if I were to keep it to:

    6 cories
    4 zebra loaches
    6 kuhli loaches

    Would that allow for another angel?
  6. AmazonPassion

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    With this stocking...yes.