Angelfish With Intestinal Prolapse

  1. esther Member Member

    I’ve had my angelfish for about 3 months now in a 29g community tank. Water parameters are perfect. He eats like a pig. The problem is, every time I feed blood worms, his intestines prolapse. It always goes back in the next day.. and I feed peeled peas once a week to help this problem as well. I feed the fish every other day.I’m not sure what else to do to prevent this from happening!! Today it is especially bad... I really hope it goes back in. Am I feeding too much at one time? I have the below fish in the tank.
    1 angel
    6 serpae tetras
    2 SAE
    2 platys
    5 sterbai cory cats
    I feed them every other day and it’s always one the below combinations-
    1) 1 frozen block of blood worms or brine shrimp, 5 little hikari sinking wafers, 1 algae wafer and a sprinkle of pellets.
    2) 2 pinches of flakes, 5 hikari wafers, 1 algae wafer, sprinkle of pellets
    3) about 10 cooked and peeled peas

    Should I feed less each time, but keep it every other day?
  2. Hill Dweller Member Member

    Following this as I have a tetra with recurring prolapse. It disappears quite quickly but it's alarming!
  3. esther Member Member

    It has gotten worse over night... I am so worried! It’s always almost gone by the morning.
  4. Hill Dweller Member Member

    Gosh, good luck! I suppose you already asked Dr Google? I didn't find much when I was looking to see what the heck was sticking out of my tetra, but maybe I wasn't searching with the right terms...
  5. esther Member Member

    I’ve only been able to find the same advice, but I want to know how I can prevent it... and if I’m feeding too much?! I thought feeding the peas once a week would help it.. but maybe I need to stop feeding the blood worms.. or just half a cube? I’m praying he’s okay when I get back home today :(
  6. Hill Dweller Member Member

    I wonder if it's simply anatomical, that some fish are just born prone to it? Only one tetra in my school gets it and they all eat the same.... I'm going to try to look up more later today. Will let you know if anything useful comes up
  7. esther Member Member

    You may be right... :( please let me know if you come across anything! I will have to do some research as well