AngelFish With 6 Platy and 3 Peppered Corydoras in a 29 Gallon


I Have A 29 Gallon Aquarium With 6 Female Platy And Wondering if I could Stock It With 1 Angelfish and 3 Peppered Corydoras


bottem dwellers kuhlie loaches are cool, middle swimmers nean tetras, high swimmers maybe a gourmai


I don't see why not... You could probably even up the number of corys to 5 or 6 if you wanted to. But never having owned platies and angels together, I'm not 100% sure.

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Just noticed browsing through the other stocking threads that you already had your question answered? Not sure why you started this second thread, but it's helpful and less confusing to stick with one thread per question

Nick G

HI Fishlover. That stocking list will be fine. I'd up the number of Cories to 6 too.


Another vote for a yes and six cories. Keeping the angel with the platies will have the added benefit of helping control your platy population


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Some good tips above.

I have merged your two Stocking questions/threads together so it will not be confusing to other members.

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Have fun and best wishes for your tank and fish.
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