Angelfish Wigglers...near Fungus!

Discussion in 'More Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by FaithfulNinja22, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. FaithfulNinja22New MemberMember

    My pair of gold angels are beginning their second round of parenting. The first round you would've thought they were seasoned veterans because they rocked it! This time the Wigglers are very near the unfertilized eggs and the parents aren't don't anything about the fungus. Not sure what to do... Should I step in and attempt to remove the tainted eggs? Or let nature take its course? Please advise.

  2. bizaliz3Fishlore LegendMember

    Do you have space to raise babies? If not, I'd let nature take it's course.
    My pairs always move the wigglers away from the fungused eggs rather than removing the fungused eggs. But it does take practice for many pairs.
    But again, the first question is, are you prepared to raise angelfish? Do you have fry food, separate grow out tank, etc?
  3. FaithfulNinja22New MemberMember

    Yes I have plenty of space for the Lil Angels. I have a 55 gallon I am in the process of resealing that will be for the juveniles. They are currently in 2 -20 gallon tanks and I have been cycling a 37 gallon for any new fry. I have 3 pairs of angels, marbles, golds and zebras who all have their own tanks as well. I also have 2-10 gallon tanks in case some of the fry or juveniles get injured or simply aren't growing as fast as the others, so they can have a chance to heal or grow at their own pace.
  4. FaithfulNinja22New MemberMember

    The juveniles I have right now are from the same parents as the new wigglers. They seem to be doing things a little different this time. But today when I got home from work they had moved them just far enough from the "bad eggs" to keep them from harm. Seeing this as an opportunity, I chose to go ahead and remove the unfertilized eggs & fungus with my trusty turkey baster. So far so good... Let me back up a bit... I have only been raising these 10 angel beauties since February and I adopted them as adults when my friends parents split. They originally had 10 assorted angels in just a 55 gallon tank! I quickly learned that was not enough space for them and started expanding my collection starting with additional tanks. This of course was a little more expensive then I thought but I was fascinated with them and wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could to give them a good life. The next couple months was all about learning everything i could about taking career of them. Lots of reading, research, videos, etc. (Actually how i found this forum). One night I discovered what appeared to be eggs on some airline tubing in my community 55 but over night they just disappeared. I was pretty bummed but then days later 2 Golds I had put into a 20 gallon spawned as well. These 2 were natural parents. They just did everything exactly how they should've as if they had been doing it for ages. Since then I have identified 3 pairs out of the original 10 and all 3 pairs are spawning. The others are not exactly sure what to do yet but they're getting closer each time. I am taking my juveniles to my LFS this Friday to get them checked out to make sure they're in good shape. She told me if they are healthy and have good shape, depending on their size she will buy them for $3-$5 per. I am excited to hear what she has to say seeing as how this was my first time raising baby angels. I will most likely keep 4-6 of these little guys so I can watch them grow and develop their own personalities. Sorry I rattled on. Just thought a little back story would help you get to know a little about me and my ever growing aquatic family.
  5. bizaliz3Fishlore LegendMember

    Well it sounds like you know what you are doing :)
    More often than not, when I see these questions, it is someone who accidently ended up with babies and just wants to save the babies, but doesn't have the means to do it. lol So I tend to start with that question if the person doesn't specify.

    $3-$5 dollars each is really generous for a fish store! How big are your juvies that you plan to sell to the store? I mean...around here, some nickel to quarter sized gold angels would sell at the store for like $8, so the store could never give me that much. I am lucky to get $1-$2 each. Where are you located out of curiosity?

    Well if you look at my angelfish breeding thread which should be in my signature (which appears to only show up in my first post on this thread), you will see that we have a lot in common. haha. Right now I have 5 different batches of babies from 5 different pairs, all at one time. Its quite overwhelming at the moment. I've been doing it for over 2 years now, but never to this extreme.

    Good luck with your growing angelfish breeding operation!!
  6. FaithfulNinja22New MemberMember

    I wouldn't go as far as to say "I know what I'm doing"! I do Google just about everything if I need to and I research like it is going out of style! (Have read quite a few of your posts as well) Thank goodness I'm a quick study! I'm learning everything as I go. If I'm being honest the thought hadn't even occured to me that some of those community tank fish I inherited might actually procreate! Lol

    Honestly when she told me $3-$5 each I thought she was yankin my chain! I figured tops I might get $2 but she was absolutely not joking. I had never planned on actually making money by selling them. I was just hoping to make up a little of what I had to spend to get them this far lol. Now I'm tempted to approach the other LFS to see if they have any interest. Maybe we are running low on Angels around here! I can be Oklahoma City's savior! (Like that suttle city name Where is your base of operations?

    I'm still trying to learn how to navigate this page but as soon as i figure it out I'll be stalking your Angels lol. What kind of Angelfish do you have? I have seen so many different ones! I like the Koi and the platinum but the Leopard are very intriguing. What about you... any favorites?
  7. bizaliz3Fishlore LegendMember

    I learned everything I learned using fishlore and google and trial and error. I'll be interested to see what the LFS ultimately offers you. And also, how much they turn around and sell them for. Is it store credit, or cash?

    I am in Minnesota, right outside the Twin cities, so its a pretty busy area. The prices around here vary pretty significantly depending on location. (Minneapolis area being much more expensive than St. Paul) But for some reason, angelfish in general are just not that popular around here. So Marbles, golds, silvers and the like are worth next to nothing. And even the more unique phenotypes seem to sell very slowly. My blue eyed lemon plecos are the ones who bring in the money for me. Its seems shrimp, guppies, Bettas and plecos are most popular around here. So my angel breeding hobby is entirely for my own enjoyment.

    I have gotten a bit bored with the standard phenotypes. (gold marble silver and even Koi! ) So my most recent goals have been to produce more uncommon morphs. Ones that people often can only find online. Maybe THEN I might get some interest in my angels? I don't know.

    But in answer to your last question, my favorite at the moment are Paraiba angels. My ultimate goal at this point in time is to make Pinoy Paraibas. And currently I am enjoying the challenge of trying to raise a tiny group of albinos. They are more sensitive and virtually blind during the first few weeks.

    You should start an angelfish breeding journal too :)
  8. FaithfulNinja22New MemberMember

    I don't think I'm familiar with the Paraibas, and I have no idea what a Pinoy paraiba would be... I'll have to check those out for sure. Albinos would be fun to have I think! I am a night person myself so we would get along famously in our very own cave-like atmosphere!

    I had thought about keeping some sort of record of what happens day to day, any changes I make and things I have tried but then I thought... who the heck would benefit from my fishnanigans !

    What typically do you put in your journal? Basic day to day stuff? Or anything new or different? Or D.) All of the above. I haven't really kept a journal since they made me do it in high school. So I may be a touch out of practice! Although with all the information out there to be had and how quickly things can change in your aquariums it may prove useful. It has to be beneficial to have notes or thoughts about certain situations you encounter that you can reference should anything like that happen again. I'd love to get your take on what you typically keep in your journal and why, so I can use that as kind of a platform or jumping off point to start my own.

    I don't know if she is going to pay me in cash or in store credit at this point. This being my first time selling to my LFS i didn't even think to ask. I really didn't expect to get a response at all. Simply because I figured if I was blessed with all these Angel babies without actually trying to breed them then surely there must be an abundance of them for the folks that are! Friday can't come fast enough! I'm dying to know what she has to say and what she thinks of them! I don't really even care about the money, I just really want an expert to look at these lil guys and tell me I did a good job and they're wonderful! (Probably expecting too much)

    I have to say though, I am extremely thankful to have another Angel momma to talk to and get actual feedback from. At this point, I'm pretty sure I'm boring the out of basically anyone I come into contact with. Lol Fortunately, no one I know even has a fish tank or ever did. So when they see my tanks with the eggs, fry, juvies, or even just the adults they are legitimately interested! They usually have a ton of questions and thanks to this site I'm a little more knowledgeable now and I can actually answer most of their questions. Makes me almost sound smart sometimes! Haha That doesn't happen a lot when your blonde!
  9. bizaliz3Fishlore LegendMember

    There are not many photos of good pinoy paraibas online. I hope to one day add a bunch. lol @Mcasella is another very experienced angelfish breeder on here. She just got a group of them online. I almost did, but chose to stick with making it my goal to do it myself. I have the necessary genes in my stock, it just might take a 2nd generation. Which requires patience. Which I lack. So I was proud of myself for not going through with it.

    As for documentation, even if you don't start an actual journal thread, it's really helpful to document when eggs are laid, when they start free swimming. Who the parents are, yadda yada. If you start to get in as deep as I have, you will start to lose track real quick!

    I enjoy my journal thread because I have so many great fishlore family members who indulge me!!! haha. I don't have anyone in my life to enjoy the hobby with, so my family here on fishlore is PRICELESS. For my journal thread I try and stick with relevant updates. (new pairs, new spawns, new purchases, new sales, successes, fails, progression etc) But it also gets side tracked a LOT with genetics talk. I am obsessed with their genetics and all the resulting phenotypes. I love posting picures. I do a LOT of that on my journal thread. But I am really REALY picky about what photos I will post. The photos have to be PERFECT or I won't post them. So I spend WAAAAY too much time going for those perfect shots. lol I also have TONS of adults and juvies that I post updates on. It isn't just my breeding all the time. But the topic always revolves around the angelfish.

    Privately, I don't keep an actual journal with a pen and paper or anything. I actually use an app on my phone to track everything with all of my tanks. Water changes, water testing, medicating, new additions, dates of birth of all babies and their parents....all that fun stuff. It's called Aquarium note. I don't thinks its available on iPhone though. It wasn't a while back when I first got it anyway.

    Great to have you on fishlore. Here is a link to my journal thread. Give me a mention if you start your own!!

    Biz's angelfish breeding journal :-)
  10. FaithfulNinja22New MemberMember

    I had posted for the first time needing some advice and she was the one who answered. Im gonna have to get a little more familiar with how this site operates but hopefully soon I'll get it and be able to start a journal of my own.

    I am very glad to be part of this group. I look forward to learning everything I can from those who are willing to help and offer advice when needed. I will be sharing our aquatic adventures and different things happening here with us in OKC! Thanks for having me!!

    @Mcasella Took your advice and I found a LFS that wants to take most of these Angel babies off my hands. I did also look into selling online and shipping and it will definitely be an option sometime in the future. So thank you for your help.

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