Angelfish very sick PLEASE HELP


Hello everyone i just signed up and new here and desperately need some help ,

Back story: I had to leave home for about a year and someone was " maintaining my fresh water tank" .

When I came back I saw that half the poor fish died and we seem to have 5 survivng fish! Including a very sick yet lively Angelfish

My tank info :
About 370 liter aquarium ( 150 x 70 x 45 cm)

I have an eihem600+canister filter ( carbon added)and and an internal 180liter filter( carbon and a sponge)
My temprature is set at 27 celcius

The tank has been running since 2018

We had 17 fish before I left and only 5 are left now , the last fish that died was a bala shark 5 months ago ( no more dying fish in the last 5 months)..we currently only 5 left:

1 Angelfish
1 telescope goldfish
1 bala shark
2 zebra danios

The tank water has not been changed since i left , so its been there for about 12 months and they just top it up and add prime.

The water parameters are definetly absolutely bad and all the testing kits are expired except for nitrite and its useless on its own! I ordered new ones and they should come in 2 days

I jist cam back 2 days ago and I will do a 75% water change tomorrow and rinse out the eihem canister filter media as i expect they wil be filled with brownish gunk ( my small internal filter was filled with it when i cleaned it - used tank water dont worry!) i will also completely remove all the ornaments. Not sure if i should remove the gravel as well..

There is alot of brownish algea on all the internal parts of the aquarium clearly visible on the glass on all 4 sides.

The issue I am asking for help is I have a very sickly fighter Angelfish.
She has sores on both sides of his/her face , a missing ventral fin and i am pretty sure he lost his eye as there is a dark crust on it ( cant see his pupil) and barely faces that way so its very possible that he cant see with it. ( couldnt get a clear photo from that side)

I was told first his eye started crusting and then the soar appeared and was swimming lopsided so they tried to use waterlife myxazin treat fin rot and ulcers as per the instructions on the bottle which didnt help( thays when the bala shark died) then another soar started on the other side of his face 3 or 4 months ago.

When i looked at him i saw that his ventral fin was missing ( only a stub showing) which is probably why he is swimming lopsided.

What can I do, he is surely in alot of pain, although he is eating well and seems eager to eat.

What should i do... please help.i have been back for 2 days and I cant focus on unpacking and life till i know i can help the poor creature.

From all the reading I did , seems i have a bacterial infection, brown red algea overgrowth ( not enough light - they werent turning the light on and zero water changes to blame)
Shall i remove all the gravel tomorrow?
75% waterchange and then what?
What meds do you think o should try.

Cant have a hospital tank :( logistically impossible for us in the current situation..


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Welcome to fishlore.
You have a pretty serious situation Reemonita.
I can understand you wanting to change 75% of the water but believe that would be a mistake. The fish are in water that has ver6 different parameters to the change water. A 25% water change every day would be safer.

I can also understand you wanting to clean the ornaments all in one day. That would be dangerous. Start slowly by cleaning just one or two. As the tank has a full working nitrogen cycle and all the bacteria is living ON hard surfaces just clean slowly.

The gravel is also covered in good bacteria clean 1/3 each week for the next 3 weeks.

I suggest medication is not the answer. Take this situation seriously and clean the tank slowly over the next few weeks.
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I honestly don’t have much experience with diseases or how you should treat your fish, I am sure someone else will help with this, but regarding water changes, as it hasn’t been changed at all for such a long time, it might be safer to do smaller amounts over the next few days rather than changing 75% all at once, that could shock the fish I think. Regarding the algae, probably best to clean as much as possible then observe for a while to know if you need more or less lights or what else might be going on.
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I agree with what Flyfisha said. I’ve had experience with an Angelfish losing a feeler. It didn’t grow back but it also didn’t cause my angelfish to swim sideways. The swimming problems might be swim bladder or it could just be caused by stress. I’d recommend just giving him clean water and some space to recover. Try to see if another fish is injuring the Angelfish. If it is, you can try making a makeshift tank divider. I hope your angelfish gets better soon!
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If the angel fish eye is crusted over, it probably is not in pain any more. Clean water is the best medicine, you will get there.

Make sure that those danios are not attacking him or anyone else, they are notorios fin nippers when they are not in schools.

I would not clean anything too suddenly! I recomend =
25% water changes every 4 days,
Scrape the algae before a water change. Live algae is a live plant, its perfectly healthy "usually" But dead algae is not good, so its good that it did not get removed and just left to rot.

You will need to gravel vacuum every time you clean, it's probablygoing to be pretty bad. So you dont have too, but you can remove some or even all of it. You just dont want to be cleaning the deco, the filter and removing the gravel all at once. Take things slow! Good Luck!
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I would say besides the water change add aquarium salt. In addition check his poop. the head erosion might be coming from hole in the head (parasite). If water changes dont do the trick, I would also try paraguard since its very mild and treat a lot of diseases
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I'm not a fan of mixing angels with salt... live bearers maybe but not angles....
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