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Discussion in 'Angelfish' started by newdanio, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. newdanioNew MemberMember

    hey everyone, i have searched high and low and cannot find anything about what seems to be happening in my tank at the moment.

    2 days ago i noticed little white fuzzy balls on my angelfish ventral fins. 6 dime and nickel sized angels...previously healthy. they have been in the 29 gallon tall for a little over 3 weeks with no apparent issues

    i did a quick check last nite and found nitrate levels high at 50, did a 75 % water change and rechecked this morning. I have also found that my filter became clogged in the last little bit with a piece of plant, now fixed.

    i did another check this morning and found my nitrite level was at .3 and nitrate was at 20 with no ammonia, did another 40 or 50 % water change.

    i have found info that talks about slime coating production goes up for angels when in bad water like this. no pictures of what that looks like.

    there are no other spots on tail fins or other parts of the body, so i'm not sure if maybe this is the start of ich?

    since all the water changing the fuzzy balls are getting smaller than when i first noticed them.

    has anyone had this happen to them? or know what it is? other than keeping a close on my water conditions is there something i should also be doing or watching out for?

    thanks in advance for any and all help
  2. catsma_97504Fishlore LegendMember

    Welcome to Fishlore!

    Smaller angelfish are very susceptible to water quality issues. As your tank is going through a mini cycle due to the clogged filter, I recommend daily water changes for the next week. Once your tank stabilizes again still continue with 2 weekly water changes. Pristine water conditions are required for them to grow and remain healthy.

    That white fuzzy spots on the ventrals is fairly common with juvies in less than ideal water conditions. It is not ICH as fish will appear to be covered in salt. If that ever happens, it is quite easy to deal with. Follow the link in my signature if you'd like to do some research now.

    Post pictures of your angels when you can.

    Good luck!
  3. newdanioNew MemberMember

    thanks so much for the insight on that one. i was really concerned, especially when i discovered that i had selected less than hearty varities...veil tails, all black and all white varities. apparently not the ideal for first time angelfish.

    i will continue to watch the water conditions, and as for the water changes i have heard everything from "i don't do water changes" to " once a month or so"

    would a 25 % water change twice a week be a realistic amount to keep it pristine? i do overfeed but will happily do the extra changes to make up for it.
  4. catsma_97504Fishlore LegendMember

    Until you have no measurable ammonia and no measurable nitrite you need to do daily water changes with a detoxing water conditioner. Seachem Prime and Kordon AmQuel with NovAqua are excellent products as they make the water safe for fish, help the slime coat and detox the nitrogen waste for 24 hours between water changes.

    According to your profile your water conditioner is Cycle. I'm sorry to say, but this is not a water conditioner. You need a product that will remove chlorine/chloramines as well as heavy metals. Cycle is best thrown into the trash IMO. This is a bottled bacterial product that does not allow the tank to actually cycle; and puts your fish at risk.

    Angels do not tolerate waste levels well. So it is important to keep a cycled and stable tank.

    Once you the ammonia and nitrites consistently test at 0PPM, then you can switch to 1 or 2 weekly water changes.

    :;fIf you wouldn't mind, please provide complete Aquarium Profile Information. This information will help the members to gain an understanding of your tank. Just click the Forum Action link at the top of this page and select Edit Profile. Complete the information on your aquarium, including tank size, filtration, stocking, lighting, water parameters, etc. And save your changes. Then you won't be inundated with answering questions about your tank.

    How many angels are in your 27G tank? What else is stocked in this tank?
  5. newdanioNew MemberMember

    until this had happened with the filter i had no problems with ammonia or nitrite....reads of 0. the tank has been running for 3 plus years. 25 to 50 % water changes when nitrate reads were over 20.

    on the cycle....i did discover that it works best in the garbage can rather quickly, i cheated and stole my hubbys filter medium to finish the cycle years ago. now i am using prime tap water conditioner when doing water changes, as i'm on well water chlorine is not an issue.

    do you know if Seachem Prime and Kordon AmQuel are available in canada? or if either of them works better with hard water? i had started with cycle as most other recommended cycling products were not available here.

    the tank is currently overstocked which means extra water changes for me, however until i get my birthday present of ohhh say a 55 gallon i will take on the extra work load.

    currently the 6 small angels and 1 large angel 4 " donation a year ago and my pride and joys...the pair of pimcats.

    your koi angel is absolutely beautiful! that is the actual variety that i have been searching for without success for over a year now.

    i will update my profile info shortly and hopefully my daughter can help me upload a few pics of the aquarium!
  6. newdanioNew MemberMember

    sorry should say i'm using aqua plus tap water must be time for bed, i read the bottle 3 times and still couldn't remember what it was lol
  7. catsma_97504Fishlore LegendMember

    Aqua Plus Tap Water Conditioner will help to make the water safe with water changes, but it doesn't have a detoxing agent. I believe both Seachem Prime and Kordon AmQuel with NovAqua (2 separate bottles) are available in Canada. But I cannot say for sure. If you purchase the Kordon products, you will want both AmQuel and NovAqua. AmQuel is the detoxing agent and NovAqua is the conditioner that removes heavy metals.

    Sounds like you have a good understanding of how to care for an overstocked aquarium. While your angels are pre-adult, overcrowding isn't an issue with the extra water changes. But once they mature and begin to pair off, then trouble will be just around the corner.

    Koi Angels are very common in my area. Too bad you weren't closer. I have some I will be getting rid of soon. I currently have 25 juvenile angels in a 55G tank.

    Good luck with your tank.

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