Angelfish & Tiger Barbs?

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  1. Phish24/7

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    I was at my local petsmo picking up some 20L's because they were on sale and while I was there I saw 4 stunning koi Angel fish and 2 of them were a breeding pair. So I asked the clerk on duty where they gotem from and she said they were donate by a lady whos moving out of state. So got my 20L's and went about my day. I popped my head in there today to check them out again, one of them was dead and stuck to the side of a filter, the rest were gasping and one was at the bottom laying on it's side :'( I would love to save these beautiful fish, but I can only put them in a tank with tiger barbs in it. I have heard that tiger barbs are notorious fin nippers but I've never had that issue with them and I've also heard that when you keep tiger barbs in a decent-sized group they workout their pecking order between themselves and not on other fish. So the simple question can I can I save these angelfish, and can I keep them with tiger barbs?

    I have a 150g rated canister filter on the 75 and the stocking list is 11 tiger barbs, featherfin synodontis, one medium pleco, and 1 juvenile Lima shovelnose catfish

    Any advice or Insight is useful, thank you.
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    Generally tigers and angels would be fine but if they are a bit ill the tiger barbs might see them as an easy meal. So if you have space to quarantine then I would take them
  3. DaleM

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    With 11 tigers you might be ok, enough of them to spread out any aggression. But I'd be careful getting sick Angels, you'd want to QT them first for at least a month. Last thing you want is to wipe your whole tank out.

    Make sure you have a plan B though if things don't work out. The tigers may not be able to resist the long fins of an angel
  4. OP

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    Yeah I'm definitely gonna qt them first and I do have plan b setup if they don't work together
  5. endlercollector

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    I definitely would not keep angels with tiger barbs. Please consider keeping them in their own tank, so you can enjoy them as long as possible once you've gone through the trouble of nursing them back to health.