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    I was going to get some angelfish. I have some plants. driftwood and substrate but I want to see how others have there set up so I could get ideas. Please send picks of you angel fish tanks so I could get some ideas :)
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    My aquascaoe skills are still sub-par, and the one in the photo is still a work in progress; have some plants I still want it add, but my hardscape (driftwood) is how I want it!) I'm also planning to switch the substrate up...maybe sand or seachem fluorite. The gravel isn't really doing it for me anymore (from a previous tank I had :p) it's a 55 gal. I know it doesn't look very big, but it is. A had to resize to fit the photo contradicts. I'll probably be outclassed by the actual professionals out there!

    Hope this helps and best of luck!

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    Here's mine about taken about 7days ago. The tank is undergoing a new scape soon as I'm treating this tank for parasites.

    Angels love tall plants, like amazon swords and val.

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    I love the natural feel of your tank! I for sure think your skills are above sub par. I think your a professional. Thanks for sharing :)

    Your tank looks great! Thanks for sharing :)
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