Angelfish tank stocking ideas

  1. L

    Lemlat Valued Member Member

    So i have an empty 35gal tank and im thinking of starting an angelfish tank. Can you guys help me out with how many angelfish, tankmates, and tank setup.

    Im also thinking of anubias only tank.
  2. TheKiwi

    TheKiwi Valued Member Member

    With a 35 gallon, you're pretty much looking at just one angelfish. You could keep several juveniles for a few months, but they grow really fast and you'll end up with a tank too small + increased aggression
  3. aliray

    aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    I have one Koi Angel fish as the centerpiece fish in my 30 gallon tank. for tank mates I have 2 female BN plecos, harlequin rasboras, 6 kuhili loaches, a school of cherry barbs some nerite snails. I chose to go with one angel fish because I didn't want babies and did not want to deal with aggression between two angels. I am quite happy with my one. Alison:;snail
  4. Anders247

    Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    What are the dimensions?