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    I was wondering (I know this sounds ignorant, but I'm new to Angelfish)- is there a difference between "veiltail" angels and the regular Pterophyllum Scalare? I was taking a closer look at my young angels and noticed that their tail fins were shaped differently. My gold-and-white one looked identical to the fish in the "veiltail" tank, although she (I think) was in the "assorted" tank with my striped one. Does "veiltail" mean they have longer fins than most others? Here are pictures of them side by side... I had to enhance the color of the photo so you could see more clearly:
    (And it's not just the angle that I took the picture, it's very noticeable)
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    Firstly, welcome to the angelfish addiction! I find them so beautiful and just love them to death.

    Secondly, I believe she is not a veiltail. Veiltails have MUCH longer fins to the point they almost develop a droopy look when they are long enough/angelfish is older. And its not just their tail. EVERYTHING about them is long, much longer than the non-veiltails. Of course, however, it takes time for those beautiful fins to grow, and the non-veiltail (at the moment) could just not be old enough. What body size is she? I can confirm (or not) my answer with that information.

    Hope this helps and all the best!
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    That was useful! I really don't know what she will look like, but her tail is about 1 cm longer than the other guy's. Her body (not including fins) is somewhere between the size of a nickel and quarter. Here's another picture:
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    The description above would be more descriptive of a super veil angelfish. Not a single gene veil tail. Regular veil tails do not get the droopy looking fins that a super veil tail will.

    Yours are very young, but I would say that one is definitely a veil tail. The dorsal and analfins are also longer than your other angels. So all of the fins ARE longer, not just the tail.
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    Ok, that makes sense- I wasn't sure what a "super veil" was until now . And you're right, she is very different from the other one in the picture lol.
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    Ok! The new pic actually helps out. Being able to see the other fins, and how long they are in comparison to her body, does say she is a veil tail. And to mention my earlier description, I was trying to generalize about the veiltail and the length thing :/ I sorta went on an excited rant and spurted knowledge (can u tell I love these things??lol >.<).

    And I think I realized I was looking at the wrong fish... ha
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    Yes. She looks just like my young veiltail angels.[​IMG][​IMG]

    Here is an adult veil tail

    Here's my old SUPER veil tail angel. See the difference?
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    Haha! Thanks for everyone's help (you guys know your stuff)!

    (The pictures didn't load; I didn't see) they're beautiful!! I've always liked the koi coloration
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    I know me too! I have the koi variation, and the last/only ones in my area+ A few of the places around my immediate area. They're so cool!