angelfish swimming upsidedown

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    Woke this morning to find one of my angelfish swimming upsidedown in the corner of the tank. Can't right itself. Water test ph- 7.6 ammonia- 0 nitrites- 0 nitrates-10 I do weekly water changes with prime added. I change 30% of the water. 55gal 4 angelfish, 1 blood parrot, and one bristlenose plec. Other 3 angels are staying in bottom corner of tank together. One of them darts around the tank every so often. Obviously something is not right. Just did a water change day before yesterday. What can I do? Thank you. Two angels ate normally last night. Other 2 have not eaten for 2 days.
    2 large angels were added less than 2 weeks ago. Did not quarantine, but will be doing this will all fish I add in the future. They were acclimated over a period of 2 hrs. I even checked the water in their bags, and tested ph to see how far off it was from my water. There was some regular aggression in the tank for about a week until they all got adjusted. Can try to get pics of other fish if it would help. Thanks.
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    Temp always stays at 80.Just checked it now to confirm. Lost the fish and removed from tank. Did approx. 50% water change. Tried to feed peas, but bigger angel not interested. Right now, all 3 angels are in back, bottom corner of tank just hanging out. Seems like the big one had some "swelling" on the bottom of it. Should I keep the light on or off? Or doesn't it matter? Thanks.
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    Swelling as in something protruding? Or did it look bloated? How old/large are these angels?

    Might as well ask for details:

    Size of tank, full stocking list, how long it's been set up, how long you've had the fish, what you feed them, how much and how often. I'll try to think of some more...
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    55gallon set up for 8 months. Right now stocked with 3 angelfish, 1 blood parrot, and one bristlenose plec. Setting up a 135 which will be planted(low tech) Have been feeding flake food, but since learned they should have a more varied diet. Feed once a day. Was able to feed them peas soaked in Epsom salt mixture, and also did a 50% water change. Fish were doing much better yesterday, and acting normally. I read somewhere that it could be the food. Someone said once you open a can of flake food, you should only keep it for a month and then get new. Did you ever hear of this? Also have a 29 gal with 2 smaller angels, 8 albino cory cats, 3 neon tetras, and 2 baby bristlenose pleco still in fry container. Also have an African clawed frog in a separate 10 gallon. A few days ago, one frog escaped and didn't make it. Next day, frog I have now escaped and I got to it in time. Put it in 10gallon to see if it would be ok. Planning on 20gallon long so I can add 2 more frogs. Right now in the middle of getting 135 ready to go, so not getting any more fish at this point. Also, frog is in my hospital tank anyway. Biggest angel is 5 inches high and about 5 inches long. Only had it for less than 2 weeks. It's friend was the one that just died. Other 2 angels I have had since tank was setup. They are approx. 3inches x 4 inches. The angel that died looked bloated, and it wouldn't eat. I really feel bad about losing it, and still not sure what actually happened. BTW, 135 is going to be a planted angelfish tank with school of some sore of tetras(lemon maybe) Pretty sure I have 2 female angels and one male in 55 right now. They are all hanging out together and getting along great. This all started when my sister gave me her 29 gallon! Then it just went from there..........Thanks for the help and advice..........
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    Since those two big angels are new and very big I would guess it had something to do with old age. Hopefully. Did you have them in your QT? How did you acclimate them to your water? Did you get them from someone else or from a store?
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    it sounds to me like the new ones may have had an issue already. And now the angels you already have are getting sick too. They shouldn't be hanging out in the corner like that. That is a sign of them not doing well.

    Since you had your other two angels for 8 months with no issues, I am willing to bet something was wrong with the new ones when you got them. Or they just simply didn't handle the transition well. But based on the behavior of the other doesn't sound good for them either if they are spending all that time in the corner.
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    I was a dumb and did not QT them. I will not be adding ANYMORE fish in the future without QT first. I have a reliable fish guy who said someone traded them to him for something else. Both angels went from original owners tank to fish guys tank to my tank within 3 days. I acclimated them over a period of 2 hrs by leaving in bags and adding 1/2 cup water from my tank to their bags every 20 minutes. Also, before doing this, I checked the ph in bag and compared it to mine. Then I netted them and added to my tank. There was some unrest with the 2 original angels for about a week, then they all calmed down. I have been watching other 3 very carefully. They are more active now than before. Was able to feed peas soaked in Epsom salt. Big one will not eat. Looks like stomach is swollen. Could it be carrying eggs? Doesn't have trouble swimming or anything like that, so I don't think it's swim bladder. Going to pet store tomorrow. Looks like a few white dots(ich) on big angels fin. Don't want to take anymore chances. I thought too that transitioning was too much for them(afterwards). They looked so nice, I couldn't resist them. Not sure how old they are, but have to be up there going by their size. Previously had original angels in 29gallon, but moved them to 55gallon a month ago. Pretty sure they are a pair. The new bigger one hangs out with them, so maybe 2 females and a male? Or 3 females? There is no bickering or fighting whatsoever. In the future, do I QT for 2 weeks(or longer)? Am I supposed to automatically treat them with something in QT or watch them for signs of disease and then treat? What is a good "fish medicine cabinet" to have on hand at all times so I am better prepared for diseases when they happen? I have nothing right now but peas and Epsom salt. Thanks for the help!