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    Hi all i am having angelfish trouble. I have 3 in my 75 community. Three days ago my zebra angel got caught in an ornament. After this i buried the ornament to prevent this. The next day he died and im pretty sure from his large head injury. After this i noticed his partner has stopped eating i tried bloodworms and flaked food but he has stopped. He occasionally he will swallow a bloodworm but spits it out. The other angel that was not in the pair is doing fine and all other fish are normal. I have checked water parameters and they are fine. Temperature is the same as always and hasnt changed. My question is.

    1. Has anyone ever had this happen before.
    2. Would losing a partner cause this and 3
    . How do i soak my food in garlic.
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    Hey, sorry to hear about that. Hopefully the spouse is just still mourning. can't help out with questions 1 & 2 but for 3 you could buy some minced garlic and just mix some of that in with your fish food in a small cup or something and then just add it to the tank.
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    Garlic Guard:

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    The longer the cloves soak, the stronger the solution."

    The information above comes from the link below:

    Storing Fresh Garlic:

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  4. OP

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    Thanks for the info will try the garlic.

    Another angel just died the one that was eating. About a week ago i added a small angel and it died un about two days. Are there certain disease that only angelfidh can get because all my other fish are fine
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    I can see you have a bunch of experience so this may come across as a dumb question but are your water parameters all in check?
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    Yes when the first angel died i tested my water. Everything was normal. My ph is 8.4 but it has always been high since the tank started.

    As for my knowledge i still learn new things daily
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