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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by kevinjung, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. kevinjungNew MemberMember

    Hey guys just had a quick question I have a bare bottom tank with a little bit of sand and potted plants.
    Current inhabitants are 2 peacock eels 2 albino polypterus sengalus they are not wild but may be shortbodied a little. My question is I have 3 angelfish they get along fine but the smallest takes in food but spits it out unless its worms...I want my tank to be a showtank so I was wondering can I put maybe 1 to 2 more angels? I also have a brown ghost knife not the black one also my sink ph water is pretty alkaline I put a little drift wood and bamboo hoping when it grows roots will make the water acidic..any other way to naturally lower the ph
  2. TayJay76

    TayJay76Valued MemberMember

    Not a chance. Peacock eels can get big, up to a foot I beleive. I wouldn't add any more angels. As a matter of fact the bichir will get very big as well and eventually eat your angels and maybe your eel. If I were you I would remove the bichir. He will get way too big for that tank.

    Although it is unlikely for angels to be picky some are, mine will only eat wardley flakes, they won't take any other kind. You could try offereing other foods like brine shrimp or other flake brands, buit because they are primarily carnivorous they need to mainly eat blood worms. But variety is always good. Therefore keep looking until you find other foods that he will take. Good luck with the tank:)
  3. OP

    kevinjungNew MemberMember


    Oh woi guess ill just leave it the way it is if it starts getting hectic I will remove the bichir. Thanks so much for the help
  4. TayJay76

    TayJay76Valued MemberMember

    Sure no problem, good luck;)

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