Angelfish spawning

Discussion in 'Angelfish' started by Fish Fan, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. Fish FanValued MemberMember

    Well to my surprise this morning I woke up to two of my angels spawning!!! The sad thing is that they are eating the this normal?

  2. Fish FanValued MemberMember

    Here is a video of them at work....

  3. Crissandra331Valued MemberMember

    is this the first time they have laid?
  4. LyfeoffishingWell Known MemberMember

    Many fish parents tend to eat their eggs before the hatch it could be a sign of a few things.

    1) not mature enough
    2) feel their environment isn't safe
    3) just hungry fish

    I have thought about keeping a german blue ram pair in a 20L and trying to breed them. But have read they tend to eat young a lot. Most fish parents will eat a few batches of fry before they get it right IMO.
  5. Fish FanValued MemberMember

    Yes it's their first time and strangely enough my GBRs spawned earlier in the week as well in the same tank......they also ate their eggs.....
  6. Crissandra331Valued MemberMember

    I agree with Lyfeoffishing my Angels did the same thing when they started laying and each time they learned something new and slowly got better at caring for their brood. I've gotten as far as free swimmers but a lot of Angelfish have been bred in the aquarium so long that certain things have been bred out that they no longer need, which one has been degeneration of their usually great parenting skills. Though some of it may be environment and also that their young fish and learning, I would also be prepared to accept that they might not ever be able to completely raise their babies successfully but once they hatch you could always be surrogate :)

    It's fun to watch them learn. It took my female laying quite a few times for my male to figure out how to fertilize. Now they regularly lay and improve each time.

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