Angelfish recurrent aggressive fin rot/fungus Help

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    I recently had a nasty bout of fungus on my 3 Angels. It appeared overnight and took most of their Ventrals. They had a course of Melafix and all fungus symptoms were gone within two days of starting the treament. Their Ventrals are recovering very well and they have almost fully regrown on all three in around two weeks (I have kept their water pristine in this time amm0 ites0 ates0 pH 6.8 temp 27C).

    Today I glanced at the tank as I walked past and to my horror saw that Stan, the 4.5" Zebra Angel has lost almost half of his dorsal, a quatre of his tail and has almost hair like strands coming off the top of his head after the first two little spines on his dorsal. It was severely damaged when I bought him and seems to have come off where it started to bend over.


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    He is now in QT.
    I have in my medicine cupboard Melafix, Pimafix, Kanaplex, Methylene Blue, Fungus Clear, Disease Clear, Fungus and Fin rot treatment (and many others I don't feel suitable).

    What is the best course of treatment? What are the hair like, slightly fuzzy strands coming off his head (they are around 7cm long)? What should I do now?

    Thank you for your help!x
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    Sorry to bump but, I could really use some advice!

    I am thinking of a methylene blue bath tonight and keeping the QT pristine. Is there a better option?

    I am wanting to medicate due to the recent fungus outbreak and the fact it is rapidly degrading Stans fins. There is no redness, his behaviour is the same but there is chunks of dorsal all over the tank and he has a little stub left.

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    Drop temp to 78-80
    use meth blue and perform wc
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    Great! thank you.x