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Discussion in 'Angelfish' started by Meenu, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Meenu

    MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    I've looked and can't find the answers to this:

    1) I know angels need tall tanks rather than short, but how tall is tall? Will they do okay in a 16 inch tall (30 gallon long) tank?

    2) Can you keep an angel alone? If you have a pair, does it have to be a breeding pair, or does gender matter?

    3) I think they are compatible with guppies and cories. I don't plan on keeping my danios, so that's not a concern. Are they compatible with neon tetras? I've read mixed things about this, wondering if anyone has an opinion. What about cardinal tetras? And black mollies?

    4) Do you add them last to the tank, or does it matter?

    My tank has 6 cories and 3 male guppies. I am thinking 8 small tetras, and/or possibly 3 black mollies. For a centerpiece fish, I've been thinking of a dwarf or honey gourami, or maybe an angel (or two)... any opinions?

    edit: the angel/neon question was answered in a thread by redlessi, thanks.
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  2. Bad Wolf

    Bad WolfWell Known MemberMember

    1) Personally, I think the minimum is 18 inches, knowing they grow very tall.

    2) They can be kept by them self, they are just as happy alone as in pairs or groups.

    3) Guppies, cories, danios and mollies are fine tank mates. Neon tetras are good, if the angel is small, but when they are large, neons get picked at. Danios are too fast for angels. Baby guppies and mollies are easily eaten.

    4) Angels need a well cycled, mature tank. Adding them last is a good idea.

    IMO, Angels are the best centerpiece.
  3. Shawnie

    ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    1. thats a tough one because the minimum for angels I like to use is 20g tall..and thats 17 inches in height..will the 1 inch make a difference? maybe if the angels are larger ones....ive got an angel thats got to be 8-9 inches from top fin to bottom....

    2. in all my angel experiences, mine didnt do good alone...but there are members that keep them alone ...each fish will let you know ..and no you dont need a breeding pair ...if you decide on angels, watch the tank u get them from for some time...the 2 that hang out the most are the ones id purchase...

    3. you got your answer from red's thread ;)

    4. ive done both ...added them last and first...depends on whats with them i think...smaller juvies are more skittish but even the bigger ones are for some time until they get use to the tank

  4. redlessi

    redlessiWell Known MemberMember

    I recently added 1 angel to my 35 gal with 1 dwarf flame gourami and 2 bolivian rams and they all get along together great. So far my angel seems happy, it comes to the front to greet me and of course beg for food. Since adding it with the dg, my bolivians now come to the top to eat with them. I dont know how to tell if a fish is not happy without another one of its own. Since I only have 1 maybe that why it has made friends and swims with the others. Good Luck
  5. OP

    MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    Thanks guys. I'm going to hold off on the angel. Shawnie and Jaysee both have expressed concerns that the 16 inches, though not a deal-breaker, is about 1 inch too short. So I'm going to heed the advice of 2 fishkeepers I respect very much and not take the angelfish plunge, at least not now.

    I really do appreciate the answers. You guys are the best.
  6. redlessi

    redlessiWell Known MemberMember

    My 35 is 36x13x17. Good Luck
  7. OP

    MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    Thanks, red. It was actually your angel thread that got me thinking of them.. lol
  8. NejiValued MemberMember

    They don't need to be in tall tanks. They like it, but many people keep them in regular long tanks.

    Angels can be kept alone, but they kind of feel a bit lonely if they are the ONLY ones in the tank. Also, if you keep one angel in the tank for a month or so and you want to introduce newer fishes, the angel that has been living in the tank will become aggressive because new fishes are getting into his/her's territory. All cichlids are territorial.

    Guppies, and Mollies... yes you can, but only when the angels are very small. When they get bigger they will eat them. You can keep danios with angels. They are known as dither fishes and angels like to chase them sometimes to get rid of their anger angels have sometimes. Danios are extremely fast swimming fishes and can avoid being eaten. Also, Cardinal tetras are the same with the guppies and mollies. Only when the angels are still small they wont eat them.....

    Angels since they are territorial, they should be introduced last when you finally have all of your fishes in. Depending on the temperment of the angels, you can add them right after you introduced other tetras or danios, but I don't recommend on you getting the angels first. Large tetras such as the Black Skirt and phantom tetras can be able to survive with angels. Red Eye tetras though small, they are really fast at swimming. I remember it was a pain to catch a my red eye tetras to give them to my friend to raise.

    Cories should be fine, but the male guppies don't have much of a chance when the angels are bigger than they are. I'm hoping that your 8 small tetras will grow bigger. Like big enough that the angels cannot eat them.

    Honey gouramis are great since they are bigger than the angel's mouth. Even when the angels are fully grown :)

    I hope this helps!
  9. OP

    MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    It helped a lot. Thanks, Neji. You've confirmed that when the angels get bigger, they will chomp down my little fish. The neon tetras at my LFS are only 33 cents each, but I don't want them to be dinner. lol...
    I will look at their gouramis and decide if I am going to get 2 honeys. But either way, I'll get my mollies and the tetras first, and wait to add the other fish last. :)
  10. harpua2002

    harpua2002Fishlore VIPMember

    Standard 20 high is 16 inches tall. I think an angel would be fine in a 30 long. They like tall tanks but do utilize horizontal space as well. I've done well with keeping a single angel, but a pair would work in a 30 as well. I agree that an adult angel will probably eat guppies.
  11. OP

    MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    my guppies are my little boy's favorite fish, he just told me this morning. Since honey gouramis won't eat my little gups, they win the "centerpiece battle"
  12. redlessi

    redlessiWell Known MemberMember

    Meenu, I had 3 guppies in my 35 gal with the rams and when I added the angel, they seemed petrified. They were in the corner almost shaking. I had to remove the guppies from the tank even though they were a nice size.
  13. OP

    MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    i feel sad i'm not getting the angels, oh, well...

    <Insert VERY dramatic music> There comes a time in every woman's life where she has to make the ultimate decision... angelfish or guppies... and sometimes, her ultimate decision is out of her hands. That decision has been made for her. By a four year old.


    Thanks, everybody, for making me feel better about not getting the angels. The decision is for the best of the community, and also probably for the angels... I don't want to put them in a too-short tank and end up with mangled fins.
  14. Diver DaveNew MemberMember

    I also think a 17" tank is OK for angels, but either use no gravel or keep it shallow. A 20 gallon tall is very commonly used as a breeding pair tank and it is only 16 and change tall. Its funny how people say a 40 breeder is too shallow but a 20 tall is OK when both tanks are almost exactly the same height. If I was buying a new tank for angels however I would get one at least 19" to get the best fin growth possible. I guess veil tails should have a taller tank than standard fin angels. Hope that helps you and good luck.
  15. OP

    MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    hi diver dave, my tank is 30 long, so it is only 16 inches tall.
  16. Diver DaveNew MemberMember

    I think that is OK to use. I currently have two angels in a 20 tall with no gravel and 75% weekly water change and their fins are growing out nicely. They are two blacks I am trying to breed. The female is larger and is approaching the size of a soda can end.

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