angelfish problem

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    angelfish2006 New Member Member

    i have a freshwater angel fish and i changed the water and now she swims to the bottom of her tank and then floats to the top on her side can anyone help???? :'( :'( :'(
  2. Isabella

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    Re: angelfish probelm

    Hi. What size is your tank? How many other fish are in there except the angelfish? How much water did you change? Did you dechlorinate it (if it was tap water containing chlorine or chloramine)? If you can, post your ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate readings, as well as pH.

    One reason could be that the water was not dechlorinated, or it was a very different temperature from the water in the tank. Chlorine in the water kills fish. When changing water, and pH of your new water is very different from the pH in your tank, that can cause problems. Also, you should always be adding water to the tank that is the same temperature that the water in the tank is. Otherwise a fish can experience a shock due to violent temperature changes.

    Another reason could be high ammonia or high nitrite. A very high nitrate as well.