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Discussion in 'Advanced Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by katorimom, May 27, 2018.

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    Not sure this is columnaris. Angels have had white on their mouths about 3 weeks. Treated with Kanaplex in the water for 4 doses. Seachem advised to stop treatment. The fish improved after the first dose then no additional improvement. Changed to 18 days of Sulfaplex. No change. White lesions are opaque, no fuzz or fluff. Tank is 60 gallons with a 55g footprint. pH 7.6, ammonia & nitrite 0, nitrate 5, kh3, gh5. Stock is 3 angels and one bristlenose pleco. A third angel had a tiny white spec on her mouth that disappeared during the Sulfaplex treatment. Pleco seems unaffected. Angels are eating and acting normal. Switching to oxytetracycline flakes unless someone can help me. Don't know what to do. 6163.jpg6149.jpeg6151.jpeg
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    That is the start to HITH (hole in the head). Those blisters filled with pus pops, it leaves behind a hole.

    If you have a hospital tank (or don’t mind dosing in the main tank, although it may get stained, hence the HT) you can put your angels in there and increase the temp to about 82-84F and treat with Metronidazole and Nitrofuran (Metroplex+Furan 2 would be the name of the meds you should be able to find with those ingredients). Make sure to remove any carbon.

    Since you’ve already done some dosing of meds, if you haven’t already, run some carbon to thoroughly remove any residual meds, remove the carbon, and go ahead and dose.

    If theyre still willing to eat, you can feed a highquality food soaked in metronidazole (or a pre-made food with the medication already inside) as well
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    Hi. Thank you so much. Hole in the head never would have occurred to me. Just saw your post tonight (Tuesday) I've been freaking out all day. I did actually started them on the Oxytetracycline flakes. The marble fish's mouth lesion is a little smaller. But the other one's mouth is now cracked in the mouth crease and there's some bleeding under the skin. Is there anything I need to get in addition to the metro and furan2? Thank you!

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    I've ordered the Metro & Furan 2. My bristlenose pleco housed with the angels has 2 tiny white dots on her. She's had them for a while and there's been no change to them. Do you think she might have HITH too? Thankfully all fish still have good appetites. Thank you! IMG_20180530_124223.jpg

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