Angelfish Pair Reluctant To Spawn

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    Hiya Guys :)

    So my pair of angels have been spawning in my community aquarium for around 2 years, however since we moved house they haven't spawned at all. (Around 5 months ago)
    But a week ago I noticed that they were cleaning leaves and chasing around the other fish. Even the male angelfishes (there are 3) have been fighting one another.

    So I was like okay, I guess i'll have some eggs this week, however they haven't yet layed any eggs and the female seems very uninterested. They chase the other fish around all day but don't actually engage in cleaning leaves or courting or spawning. I have noticed that every time they seem as if they would like to try to lay eggs one or the other becomes disinterested or swims away to chase fish that pass by.
    • Is it possible for a female to not lay eggs even if she has them and a male partner ?
    • Or maybe the female doesn't actually have any eggs but the male seems to think that she does anyway and is trying to spawn with her ?
    PS. I have noticed that they become more active from 8 pm onward and try to prepare for spawning more than in the day, I have no idea why.
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  3. Dave125gFishlore LegendMember

    5 angel fish is a lot of stress on a breeding pair ,I suspect . what size tank is this?
  4. swordtail123Valued MemberMember

    200l yes, it is however they have always been able to lay eggs and are only harassed by one other angelfish male
  5. Dave125gFishlore LegendMember

    I can only get my pair to spawn if there alone in my 29 gallon. In my 75 there too stressed out. I tried 2 matted pairs in the 75 there was too much aggression for that size tank.
  6. swordtail123Valued MemberMember

    Well my angelfish pair have always been able to protect themselves, they are familiar with the fish in the aquarium and once even raised the fry to the wiggler stage in the aquarium, I don't know why they won't spawn now all of a sudden. This isn't even because I want fry it is because the longer it takes them to spawn the more agressive they get and my other fish suffer.
  7. Dave125gFishlore LegendMember

    Yes there mean when breeding. It could just simply be the 1 or more of the other Angeles reached sexual maturity and that could be making the breeding pair nervous .
  8. swordtail123Valued MemberMember

    They have bred with the other angelfish before, he feels left out and wants to get in on the action he has probably fertilised some of the eggs in the past even whilst the other male tried to keep him away so I know this is not the problem, he simply annoys them. And he reached sexual maturity around a year ago.
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    Just a small update it is the female who seems very reluctant to breed, the male try's to encourage her by cleaning leaves but she just pecks it once and then swims away to chase away my female swordtail, after that she shows no interest in resuming her activities.
  10. Dave125gFishlore LegendMember

    It happens sometimes. My last pair , the female decided not to breed any more then started attacking the male. I had to rehome the female. I guess my male left the toilet seat up 1 too many times.
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    I have read that a large water change (70% or so) can encourage them to spawn. I have noticed this seemed to work on my pair when they were in a community as well :) Try moving things around too, maybe they just are not finding a place they like.
  12. swordtail123Valued MemberMember

    Thank you for the tips, I wonder wether this wouldn't stress them out more though. Maybe today they will spawn
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    LOL Missed this the first time - mine are the odd couple for sure, they will hang out together, side by side and everything will be great - then one of them will start up what I call the 'BACK OFF BRO!' dance where they kinds twitch at eachother, they will then proceed to try to body slam eachother into the glass so hard I can hear it from the other room... Then all will be well again like nothing happened.... psycho fish I tell ya... :)
  14. Dave125gFishlore LegendMember

    My current pair do there little flirting dance, but there seems to be some argument as to where to spawn. Too many choices I guess.