Angelfish need help, already lost two



I bought two angelfish and two assassin snails from an LFS and added them to my established tank of 10 angel fish. I did not quarantine them. I lost two angels in a week and three more are not looking good. They're staying at the surface, with much less movement and reaction than usual. Two of these three are veiltail and have their tail edges burnt. The 3 of them are also suffering from cloudy eyes.

The two new ones look very healthy and active. I had not lost an angelfish in several months. Setup had no issues.

Water temp is 27 degrees celsius, filter fully cycled, been set up for over a year. Lots of surface agitation so oxygen should not be an issue. Water paremeters: ph 8, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 50ppm (i know nitrate is a bit high, but that's high from the water source and was never an issue before).

Did a large water change 2 days ago. Anything I can do to help the 3 which are not looking great? Have not treated with anything yet.

Aquarium volume is 450 litres, apart from the angelfish, i have 15 rummy nose tetras and 10 corydoras. I feed dry food only flakes and pellets twice a day. I do a water change every 3 weeks and change around 60% each time.




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The first thing I would suggest is to begin doing large water changes - being very careful to match the water temp and ph. If you can, I would do 50% daily for a few days and see if that improves the situation. Angels are so very territorial and can get pretty vicious. Trauma is the #1 cause of cloudy eyes. Do you have mating pairs in the tank? If you move stuff around in the tank while doing the water change, it might alter the territory enough for them to stop aggression.
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I'll try do the large water changes. Don't have any mating pairs in the tank. Didn't notice any particular aggression between them.
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